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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bretonnians vs Orcs and Goblins 2250pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Who wants to be an Orc shaman ?! Ouch ! (atmospheric and amusing)

source : : Xocer3-Dec-2008

This battle report features my Orc WAAAGH in a 2250 pt contest with a Crusader Bretonnia army in an orcy defense at the top of a challenge pyramid. Having been to the peak of the pyramid and fallen my fair share of times, I've come to the conclusion that I can rarely know what to expect on the pyramid, but that it's always a good idea to expect your opponent to bring some tough stuff to the table. Coupled with the fact that I harbor a deep seated hatred of the paper and glue incarnation of the devil that is otherwise known as the Bretonnia Army Book, I built what I consider to be a hard, but not ball breaking hard, army list. However, my opponent obviously put a lot of work in the theme of his Brets, and is looking to get some mileage out of them. So the 6 lances of 40 odd heavy cav with flyer support and billions of peasant bowmen where nowhere to be seen. Coupled with very bad dice rolling, it would prove to be a long day for the Bretonnians.

The Muster:

Orc and Goblin army :WAAAGH Charlie

Orc Warboss on Wyvern
-Shagga's Screamin' Sword
-Amulet of Protectiness
-Guzzla's Battle Brew (Hatred & Frenzy)

Goblin Bigboss on Wolf Chariot
-Sneaky Skewerer
-Enchanted Shield
-Tricksy Trinket

Goblin Shaman on Wolf Chariot
-Lvl 2
-Itty Ring
-Dispell Scroll

Night Goblin Shaman
-Lvl 2
-Pipes of Doom

2 Snottlings
2 Snottlings
5 Wolf Riders with Bows
5 Wolf Riders with Spear/Shield
30 Orc Boyz, HW & Choppa
-Full command
30 Night Goblins, HW and shield
-Full Command
-3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins, short bows
-2 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins, short bows
-2 Fanatics
8 Squig Hoppers
2 Spear Chukkas
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot, 3 wolves, 3 crew
3 River Trolls
Doom Diver

Bretonnian Army

-Questing Vow
-Virtue of Confidence
-Sword of the Quest

Paladin, BSB
-Not sure (Banner of Lady, maybe)

-Virtue of Empathy
-Gromil Great Helm
-Enchanted Shield


Damsel of the Lady, mounted
-Lvl 2
-Chalice of Malfleur
-Dispell Scroll (?)

20ish Men-at-arms, full command
20ish Men-at-arms, full command
6 Knights of the Realm
5 Questing Knights
-Banner of Defence
30ish Grail Pilgrims
5 Mounted Yeoman
6 Grail Knights
1 Field Trebuchet


(There is a Bret Realm Knight Unit off screen on my left flank)

With a large advantage in number of units, most of my key pieces were still to be placed once all the Brets were on the table. So my wyvern, chariot characters, trolls, and warmachines all went down in knight hunting positions on the left flank. Both the BSB and Damsel joined the Grail Knights, with the other mounted Paladin in the realm knights on my far left flank near the grail knights. The Paladin on foot was in the far right Men-at-arms unit, with the Grail Pilgrims in the middle with the Bret Lord's Questing Knights opposite my ranked orcs and night goblins.

Orc turn 1, after movement:

With the Brets deep in prayer, the orcs took advantage of the initiative and decided to fight among themselves mostly. Both fast cav units and the large night gobbo unit with the shaman failed animosity, and the trolls failed stupidity. Combined with the threat of Bret cavalry charges, the orc line oozed forward a bit, and the Warboss hopped his Wyvern into the open, expecting to give the knights something to discourage moving forward, and draw the fire of the Trebuchet.

Orc magic resulted in the chariot shaman miscasting a Foot of Gork and becoming Stupid and Frenzied. Go frenzied chariot shaman! Shooting was more productive, and by shooting I mean the Doom Diver, since both Spear Chukkas failed to hit the entire game, along with the short bow contingent. 3 Questing Knights went down to the night goblin death from above.

Bret turn 1, after movement:

Hesitant to draw the anger of the hatred/frenzy warboss, both knight units of the left flank backed up slightly and the mounted yeoman moved into the Wyvern's line of sight for a turn 2 flight to pinch the Warboss between the grail knights and the questing knights, who maneuvered to face the warboss. The rest of the army held back, hoping to take advantage of the trebuchet while the orc horde squabbled.

Magic pulled out my one dispel scroll to save my squig hoppers from an assault of stone. During the shooting phase the trebuchet took aim towards the goblins next to the warboss but fell short.

Orc turn 2, after movement:

Seeing the yeoman as my Lord's only target, but the grail knights too far out of range, I declared the WAAAGH. With a three inch surge foward the Warboss came in range of the grail knights, and unable to flee they were forced to stand against his charge. No failed animosity this turn, so onwards the orcs marched.

Magic saw my chariot shaman miscast again, this time blowing off his own head and destroying his chariot in truly orcy fashion. On the up side, the night gobbo shaman cast an irresistable fort of gork that mashed another questing knight into the turf, and during shooting the doom diver would steer his way on top of the bret lord, killing the last questing knight.

So, faced with no fewer than 8 models capable of issuing a challenge, I expected the warboss to be in for a long haul against the grail knights. So a noble grail knight threw down the gauntlet, and with Shagga's Sword roaring in the vicinity of 3 Bret characters, the warboss unleashed 8 S8 attacks with hatred, and 4 S6 with hatred from the wyvern. I was a little disturbed that when the dust settled I only had 5 unsaved wounds on the noble bar steward. But the grail knights only had 4 static combat resolution, and proceeded to fail back-to-back break tests needing an 8. So off they went, warboss in pursuit off the table.

Bret turn 2, after movement:

With their knightly contingent vastly deminished the Brets pushed foward in ernest towards the orcs. On the left flank the realm knights advanced into charge range of the gobbo hero chariot. Left with nothing to flee from, the yeomen pushed foward to draw out fanatics from two units, 2 of which fell short, and the later pair I sent spinning into the trees. The trebuchet, hoping to see the yeomen crushed by whirling goblins, decided to drop a rock on them, smashing a yeoman to bits. Large deviation off the orc boyz.

Orc turn 3, after movement:

The left flank boiled down to combat between the gobbo hero charging the realm knights while the trolls stayed sane off their own leadership! In the middle the goblin chariot ran down the yeomen, and the orc horde squeezed in on the Bret infantry, releasing some unmotived fanatics to fall short of the grail pilgrims.

With control over the magic phase, the last goblin shaman set out dropping foots of gork here and there, starting this turn with the Bret Lord, who took two wounds. The doom diver started working on the grail pilgrims.

In combat the gobbo hero packing the tricksy trinket dropped two knights with impact hits before cutting the Paladin down with some nice rolls to hit and wound with the sneaky skewerer. -4 to armor saves and no ward saves works pretty good on tin cans. With the war banner the knights made the combat a draw, winning with a musician, but the gobbo held his ground.

Bret turn 3, after movement:

Stuck behind fanatics, the Bret infantry settle for a charge against snottlings on the right flank, and chasing off the gobbo chariot on the left. Looking to build his self esteem, the Bret Lord went into the other snottling unit. Shooting saw the trebuchet take aim at the wyvern but land on the men-at-arms, once again slaughtering allies over enemies. In combat the men-at-arms ran off the snottlings but failed to run them down, and the Bret Lord inflicted only 1 wound on the snottlings, lost combat, but held. Back on the left flank the gobbo hero went hitless, but suffered no wounds and managed to pass his break test. Lucky little gobbo.

Orc turn 4, after movement:

Trolls still stupid on the left flank, as they should be. In the center the warboss charged the grail pilgrims, who failed their terror test and died fleeing into the ranks of the night goblins. Wolf riders failed a charge against the trebuchet, and squig hoppers dove into the men-at-arms chasing snottlings.

In magic the foot of gork mashed a pair of trebuchet crew, and in shooting the doom diver misfired to no ill effect. In combat on the left flank the gobbo hero slew the knight champion before lossing and being run down. In the mucky middle the Bret Lord downed a stand of snottlings, but the last snott held. The squig hoppers started murdering men-at-arms, but the Paladin proved to be too much tin can to open, and killed two hoppers. The hoppers stayed in combat thanks to the nearby orc warboss.

Bret turn 4, after movement:

Having eliminated the goblin hero, the last 3 realm knights decided to test their might against the river trolls. The trebuchet finally killed an orc!...just 1. The Bret Lord killed off the last snottling, and the hoppers continued to chew into the men-at-arms, bouncing off the tin can leader. The realm knights rolled well against the river trolls, inflicting 4 wounds. But the trolls rolled well back, saving 3 and then vomiting two knights to death, and running the last one down.

Orc turn 5, after movement:

Picture says it. Orcs Vs Bret Lord, wolves Vs trebuchet, Warboss Vs tin can Paladin. The Bret Lord would last through the bottom of turn 5, but the trebuchet and men-at-arms would not. The Paladin valiantly tried to ward off 8 wounds from the warboss, but didn't make it.

Thus ended the Bretonnian crusade into orc territory. My thanks to my opponent for fighting on to the last despite the odds. I'm looking forward to a rematch with more moderate dice on both sides, and hopefully more paint on my orcs.

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