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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Lizardmen vs Skaven 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Just 3 turns before the vanquished conceded defeat ! (nicely mapped out Battle Report)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : Kiour_gr25-Nov-2008

This was my first battle with my kroq-Gar list (army list not supplied).
It was just a friendly practice game, my opponent was playing with a White Dwarf skaven list.

Skaven Army list


1 Throt the Unclean

1 Warlock Engineer Magic Level 1
2x Dispel Scroll

1 Chieftain Heavy Armour; Battle Standard
Storm Banner


3 Ironguts Great Weapon; Ogre Club; Heavy Armour

1 Giant

4 Rat Ogres

40 Clanrat Slaves @ 80 Pts

40 Clanrat Slaves @ 80 Pts

40 Clanrats @

40 Clanrats

24 Giant Rat Pack

2 Rat Swarms

3 Rat Ogres

Because I am currenly painting up the army I used some proxies but forgot to put on the table 1 unit of cold ones [Ed. ouch ! you forgot a whole uit of Cold One riders ?!] (it seem to me that i was insanely outnumbered) Outnumbered 4-1

rolling for spells my skink priest got second sign of amul.
After setting up I won the roll for first turn.

here's a diagram of the setup much more to follow.

Lizardmen Turn 1

Marched all my cold ones, salamanders and skinks forward. Cham skinks moved 2” and fired at the giant with no success (used the one rerol I had from magic spell too)

Skaven - turn 1

Skaven giant faces the chameleon skinks and moves it slightly forward (not close enough for a terror test)
He puts a units of slaves infont of the right unit of cold ones leaving the ogres behind (hopping I charge he flees I fail and next turn I get charged by his ogres)
He moves his slaves on the left in front or his rat ogres and a unit of giant rats are placed about 6 inches away from kroq-gar and his cold ones. He slightly moves his other units forward. Magic phase he tries a warp lightning and I scroll it. And activates storm banner.

Lizardmen - turn 2

My single charge declaration is from my cold ones on the left towards the slaves. He flied as expected. Still my unit is too far away to be charged by the rat ogres. I thought of charging with my other 2 cold one units but I decided not. I moved and wheeled my cold ones with lord facing 2” away from the giant rats, on the right I moved my skinks to the left and forward and moved my cold ones up to 1” of his slave unit. The salamanders moved to shoot at the already fleeing slaves. Last the cham skinks move to have more running space and again fail to wound the giant. Magic phase I activate huanchis banner not allowing his slaves to flee (if I break them I get to flank charge the ogres from the flank). The opponent realized I have only one spell so he scrolled it. Shooting skinks and salamanders shoot at the already fleeing slaves; because of the storm banner one salamander did not shoot but the other roll a 10 killing enough to cause another panic test making them flee once more. I also activate Kroc-Gars hand of gods hitting the giant rats kill I only 2 and he passes his leadership test. Combat I think I win by 4 (he had 3 ranks and outnumber I killed a lot) he breaks I purchase and run them down and fall onto the flank of the ogres as planned.

Skaven - turn 2

He passes his terror test, He charges with giant- cham flee 7” from the edge, charges with fearless giant rats and swarm on my lord unit. He charges skinks with clan rats and sals with rat ogres all the last 2 flee. He moves most of his unit forward. Storm banner is active.
His slaves rally. Magic nothing –shooting nothing. Combat my cold ones do 4 wounds and run down the flanked ogres. (Apparently there was a small unit of slaves were they run into forgot to add that unit but its irrelevant really, look he has so many unit they all look alike I forgot one ok!?!?).His giant rats and swarms fail to wound me still with a flank outnumber 3 ranks I win by 3 he has ld10 rolls a 7 they stay. (Mistake 1# did not position my lord correctly so he was out of combat)

Lizardmen - turn 3

My cham leave the board, my sal rally my other skinks keep running pass through the priest and he flees too. (Mistake #2 Since he is a scroll caddy and his spell does not require range I should have put him far away from any action or fleeing paths. I move the cold one and wheel them the rat ogres will have to move back or be charged next turn. I also reposition my lord. It is imperative that I break these rats and kill the swarm so I can pursue. My other skinks can not march and can not move out of the rat ogres charge sight. I decide to stand and shoot. Hitting on 6’s I do 2 wounds. Combat: Kroq gar and grymloc kill 7 of the swarm rats will my cold ones rip apart the giant rats. The swarm crumbles and the rats run I pursue, run them down and flank charge the clan rats with hero and wizard.

Skaven - turn 3

His banner dissolves and his slaves fail there terror test so the do not charge my lord unitand they left the battle. He charges my skink with his rat ogres all but 2 die break and can never rally. Without his slaves (there betrayal was immnent,) he did not have rank bonus and I killed a lot again taking no wounds. His unit braked and I run them down probably onto the rat ogres but he conceded.

Warhammer Battle Results

I lost only:
cham skinks
2 units of skinks
and a fleeing wizard.

A few Thoughts:
the game ended in 3 turns? wow. I thought it out and realized my 2 cold ones had had 3 rounds of combat each until the end of turn 3.

My army list had a 150 point discount while my opponent was playing a simple 2000 point army (he got dogs of war in it & special rules for scaven are not out yet)

if your opponent is puttin c$%£ in front of your supperior fighters ignore them and take the charge.

even though skaven with ld 10 and rerolls they are bound to fail 1 test.

even though cham did not do anything they occupied a giant for the game. is that worth their points?

still not sure about cham skinks and salamanders more playing will show.

*UPDATE having played in a Campaign I realised I need too take out 1 unit of cold ones and add another unit of slamanders. In the campaingn I did 4 wins (all played at 2000p) 1 draw (doubles 1000p each) and one loss (1000 point battle).

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