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Monday, 24 November 2008

Chaos Daemons vs Dark Elves 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Ouch, now that's got to hurt your pride :) (brief and dangerous !)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : Tizz24-Nov-2008

So I played a game against my girlfriend yesterday, teaching her how to play the game, she used my Khorne Daemons (ed. I'm not sure this is a good idea !)

Chaos Daemons

BLOODTHIRSTER w/ Obsidian Armor,Firestorm Blade, immortal fury


Herald of Khorne Battle Standard Bearer with Great Standard of Sundering

Herald of Khorne with Armour of Khorne on Juggernaught

17 Bloodletters w/Fc (skulltaker)
17 Bloodletters w/Fc (BSB Herald)
12 Bloodletters w/ musician
5 Furies

7 Flesh Hounds w/ Karanak

2 Bloodcrushers with blood reaper(Jugg Herald)

Dark Elves (fielded by the writer)

Lv4 High Sorceress, lvl 4, with Tome of Furion, Crown of Black Iron, Crystal Midnight, Dispel Scroll (Lore of Shadows)

Lv2 Sorceress Seal of Ghrond and Black Staff (Dark Magic)
Lv2 Sorceress Darkstar Cloak (Lore of Death)
Beastmaster with Web of Shadows (secret weapon)

10 Crossbowmen
20 Corsairs w/fc
5 Dark Riders with Crossbows

Special units
Mengil Manhide's Manflayers and 4 more Manflayers (10 total models)
10 Executioners w/fc

Rare Units
2 Reaper Bolt throwers..
15 Black Guard w/fc

Very Basic scenery, just a patch of trees on either side of the middle fo the board, but far enough out that theres plenty of space in the middle.

I set up as so from left to right
Bolt thrower, xbowmen, Guard, Corsairs, Executioners, xbows, Bolt thrower, Dark Riders. Manflayers are in the left trees. characters are with bolt throwers or xbows.

She sets of from left to right
Hounds, furies, letters, letters, small letters, Thirster, crushers

She picks Shadow for Standard of Sundering and goes first advanceing everything as far forward as she can, furies and thirster hide behind units (sort of)

I stand completely still. I should be able to blast her away with magic and arrows...right? Magic sees me killing off one bloodletter. Seriously. Magic resistance is better than I thought. Oh well, I'll shoot her! Manflayers shoot away furies, crossbows take out a couple more letters, bolt thrower does a wound on the thirster, thats about it.

Turn 2, crushers charge riders, hounds charge Bolt thrower, thirster fies behind my lines, everything else advances as far as possible. I pass all my fear tests. She demoshes both units and overrun, hounds hit crossbows (damn) crushers are now behind me...

I charge Guard into letters and Executioners into small letter unit. I completely forget about manflayers... Magic sees more of nothing, no really, i miscast with my High Sorceress and my girlfriend gets to cast a spell, thankfuly she has none. Bolt thrower fires at Thirster, but he catches it. Crossbows die and break but she catches and runs off the board. Corsairs kill a couple but still lose, but pass their panic test. Executioners kill 4, win combat, but she passes her instability test.

turn three she charges my guard with letters and xbows with thirster, turns crushers to face the bolt thrower with high sorceress. corsairs brake and flee, executioners get ripped apart, crossbows get ripped apart.

My Three, magic still does nothing, so I Steed of Shadows my High Sorceress as far away as possible and leave the others to die. Manflayers popped out but are out of range of anything. everything else gets destroyed.

her turn 4, goes after my sorceress who flees. hounds advance on manflayers all units are ether facing manflayers of sorceress

my 4, sorceress steed of shadows herself towards the manflayers who shoot at hounds and kill 1 while wounding another. I try to Pit of Shades the bloodthirster, fails

her 5 more advancing on flayers and sorceress, she flees, they stand defiantly.

my 5 charge hounds with flayers...but fail fear test. Sorceress tries to drop the thirster into a pit, fails, miscasts, girlfriend gets to cast a spell again! hahaha.

her 6 i've failed, so I let her charge my sorceress and manflayers. manflayers have hounds and letters on them, sorceress has crusher and thirster on her. she explodes as manflayers are ripped apart.

Battle Report Conclusion

I learned a lot this battle, I HIGHLY underestimated Daemons survivability against a lot of shooting and magic. I expected to just demolish her before she even got to me, but I was very very wrong.

All in all I must say that so far an all Khorne Daemon list is absolutely brutal. I'll be going up against Skaven in a couple weeks, so I'll post another report then. I'm very excited about that battle. Also I'm trying to get a game against Lizardmen to happen soon too.

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