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Monday, 2 August 2010

WFB 8th edition Battle Reports

Now Warhammer 8th edition is with us I think it's time to update the Fantasy Battle Reports hub.

From now onwards I am going to try and report primarily 8th edition battles. I'm searching for them now and, once I have a few to work on, I'll get posting.

I will include a new link for 8th edition only battles and I will state 8th edition in the report summary. If it doesn't say "8th" then it's most probably 7th edition although I believe there are a handful of older 6th ed battles on the site too.

I'm resuming Battle Reporting shortly (as soon as I have finished a Nautican Article for BilboBaggins - The Doomseeker Magazine editor no less).

Thanks for being so patient waiting for new reports.

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