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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lizardmen vs Bretonnia VIDEO Warhammer Battle Report 2250 pts

a 2250 pts Warhammer tournament battle- quite a massacre. 

As usual from this battle reporter a very well painted Bretonnian army, some nice scenery but half painted Lizardmen and a time limit which reduced the turns below 6.

A very detailed report, you'll need to listen carefully but it's worth it for lessons learned. If you invest too much in magic at the expense of your core fighting units - beware !

Battlefield deployment is so important, a well positioned unit can take out a similar number of points of enemy artillery without loss. Likewise, don't waste your flyers against better equipped and armoured enemies.

source :KNg4IbAp7OEcredit : 8432160508-Apr-2010 10:37 mins 

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