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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vampire Counts vs Bretonnians Video Fantasy Battle - 2250 pts (in 2 parts)

Video Warhammer Battle Report - nearly all painted miniatures  (with a blue Varghulf !) and terrain.  Beware of the Banshee Howl "Wwwoooooooo !"

Narrated by a very nice player ! It goes to show how some friendly and reasonable compromises can make for a better game, even if it seems like it's mainly one person making the compromises.

Some good useful pointers, captions and explanations about the actions he takes not just what happens on the battlefield. Also, never forget a game of 5 or 6 turns can have many twists so it's always worth fighting to the finish - never surrender :)

source:  ylSif8LHI3k & _qpQ6inMUVY    credit : 84321605   10-March-2010   21:15 mins  

Up to turn 3 (Part I)

From turns 3 - 5 (Part II)

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