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Thursday, 17 September 2009

2000 pts Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves Battle Report (pictures)

"His hunter charges the lion chariot. The scraplauncher... moves over to target the phoenix guard. His Ironguts move forward to threaten my dragon princes. The trappers... wound the march blocking eagle, while the gnoblars and tyrant shoot down the baiting eagle." (sounds like a good start for the Ogres !)

(this Warhammer game is all about good tournament armies designed for seizing scenario objectives)

source : Silas717-Sep-2009

High Elves 2000 points army list

Elendriel – Archmage, lvl 4, annulian crystal, dispel scroll, ring of fury
Farendil – Mage, lvl 2, jewel of the dusk
Mithrandel – Noble, army standard bearer, dragon armor, shield, barded steed, helm of fortune, sword of might

10 archers
20 spearmen: full command, lion standard
15 phoenix guard: full command, war banner
14 white lions: full command, standard of balance
6 dragon princes: champion, musician, amulet of light
Lion chariot
2 phoenix claw bolt throwers
2 eagles

Ogre Kingdoms 2000 points army list

Tyrant: great weapon, pistols, light armor, 3 thiefstones;
Hunter: sword of battle, long strider, sabertusks
10 bulls, full command, extra hand weapon
5 bulls
5 iron guts: champion, standard, runemaw banner
5 iron guts: champ, standard
20 gnoblars
2x2 leadbelchers
8 gnoblar trappers

In this scenario, you place three of your objective markers on enemy units. You must break that unit and re-capture your objective marker. If you flee a charge, you drop the objective marker. The person with the most of their own markers is the winner. You get four bonus points if you defeat your opponent by 300 pts.

I put my objective markers on his gnoblars (easy to kill), his big “train” of bulls, and an iron gut unit (he would have to attack with these, so I had a chance of getting them.) Alex put his objective markers on my archers (easy to kill), phoenix guard, and dragon princes (I’d have to attack with them).

There was a pond dividing the center of the field, and hills and forests on either side.

another choke point!

High Elves turn 1 – The white lions move towards the woods, to flush out the trappers and support the phoenix guard and spears. Eagles on the flanks again, missile troops in the center and lion chariot and dragon princes on the right. Elendriel used the lore of fire this game, and threw fiery blasts at the gnoblars. Alex used his two dice to dispel my ring each round, and let all the other magic through. Five gnoblars burn to death and they panic, dropping their objective marker. The archers and bolt throwers start trying to winnow down the ogre train, and do two wounds to a bull.

The ogres in the center shuffle forward slightly, while on either flank the bulls and hunter march swiftly towards the elven lines. The gnoblars rally, while the scraplauncher shuffles over and picks up the objective before firing a volley of garbage that kills five spears. The tyrant shoots and wound an eagle. His gnoblars stay just out of sight of my white lions.

Objectives: Ogres – 0, High Elves – 0

trying to set a trap

Turn 2: The dragon princes and lion chariot move just out of range of his iron guts, one eagle flies to try to tempt the scraplauncher into a charge that would strand it in the lake, and the other flies to march block his belchers and the big bull unit trying to flank me. All available magical and mundane missiles pepper the scraplauncher, but we only manage two wounds on it. I concentrate my spells and shooting on the scraplauncher, but again only do two wounds to it. It was a very underwhelming performance.

look closely at the upper right corner

His hunter charges the lion chariot, and is just in range thanks to his longstrider name. The scraplauncher doesn’t go berserk, but moves over to target the phoenix guard. His iron guts move forward to threaten my dragon princes. The trappers poke their heads out of the woods and wound the march blocking eagle, while the gnoblars and tyrant shoot down the baiting eagle. I underestimated how many attacks the hunter and his cats can dish out. I failed to wound any cats on the charge, and after five strength five and six strength four attacks, my chariot is cut to pieces. The overrun from the hunter just clips my dragon princes by a few millimeters, and into the flank comes the hunter. Big problem!

Objectives: Ogres – 0, High Elves – 0

HE 3 – The elven line holds steady. Elendriel blasts the iron guts, but her spell rebounds onto the gnoblars, revealing where the runemaw banner is. A fireball from her kills an iron gut that’s threatening my princes. Missile fire accounts for the scraplauncher, an iron gut, and a bull from the “train.” The hunter kills two dragon princes, but not before they wound a sabertusk. The princes valiantly hold.

The “train” charges my phoenix guard, the leadbelchers also charging the flank. If it were just the bus, I would risk fighting them. Losing my rank bonuses was too dangerous, so the phoenix guard fled, dropping their marker and l leaving the white lions to absorb the charge from the “train”. The iron guts pile into the dragon prince combat, killing three more princes. The champion flees, and the ogres run him down and reclaim a marker. The white lions kill a bull and sorely wound a champion, so now the “train” has no ranks. The bulls and tyrant win the combat, and I roll my stubborn test. Nine. The “train” runs over the white lions, and I am in a world of trouble. (I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of this!)

Objectives: Ogres -1, High Elves – 0

Turn 4: Mathrandel rallies the phoenix guard, looking with dismay at the bloodied ogres. Eledriel hurls fireballs and blasts and wipes out the depleted iron guts. Shooting this round kills a sabertusk, but is otherwise ineffective.

The ogres draw their trap shut around the elves. The five bulls on the left round the forest, the “train” turns to face the phoenix guard and picks up the second objective marker. The hunter charges the archers in the flank, while his right leadbelchers charge a bolt thrower. The other leadbelchers move closer and fire on the spears, killing one. The gorger finally crawls out of a hole in the ground, and shambles in front of the phoenix guard, blocking my charge on his “train”. The bolt thrower crew dies, and the archers break from combat. The hunter, minus a sabertusk, plows into the last bolt thrower.

closing the net…

Objectives: Ogres – 2, High Elves – 0

Turn 5: The phoenix guard step up and attack the gorger, but can’t kill it. My archers rally. The spears turn to face the leadbelchers who are behind them. Elendrial and Farendil move out on their own, but magic again is ineffective this round. Eager for more scalps, the hunter wipes out the bolt thrower crew and overruns into the phoenix guard.

The bulls charge and annihilate my archers. The tryant sits back with his “train”, picking bits of elf from between their teeth. The leadbelcher who fired last round charge the rear of the spears, while the other belchers claim the archer’s marker. The gorger lunges forward and bites Mithrandel’s head off! The phoenix guard kills a sabertusk, and stay in the fight. The bulls pile into the other flank of the phoenix guard, beset on three sides now. The spears lose combat, but hold against the ogres.

the last stand!

Objectives: Ogres – 3 High Elves - 0

Turn 6: Elendriel blasts and kills the leadbelchers, who drop their objective. The phoenix guard fight bravely, but are overcome in the end, and die. The ogres have their revenge.

Objectives: Ogres – 2, High Elves – 0

1 pt loss for the High Elves.

While I had some lackluster turns of magic and shooting, I lost this game due to some bad decisions. Had I positioned the chariot a little further away, my dragon princes would have been free to slam his iron guts, and start cleaning up his back field (and seizing objective markers). The white lion’s breaking was unlucky, but they should have been further forward to force the charge from the “train” and take advantage of the army standard re-roll. That would have made all the difference in the world. I could have had a little better target priority initially, but that’s a small mistake.

I never felt like I was out of the game, because only the objectives were important for winning.

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