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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Warriors of Chaos (Hordes) vs The Empire 2000 point Army Lists

"The exalted demon swoops back to the field of battle, debating which wizard he would kill first. The blood spattered chariot turns to face my swordmens, who are still locked in combat. The Khorne/war banner/marauder fight rages on, neither side willing to yield."

[a tournament report with some nice scene setting narrative from "the Sushi Master" :) ]

source : : Silas730-June-09

My list was very fluffy, I knew this coming down but I wanted to try to make a statement about not needing the usual Empire tools to do well at a tournament. How did I do? Let’s find out.

The Empire Army - The Legion of Araby

Lawrence (general of the empire): full plate, barded warhorse, sword of might, enchanted shield, icon of Magnus, holy relic
Captain: army standard, full plate, barded warhorse, banner of Sigismund
Battle Wizard: lvl 2, rod of power
Battle Wizard: lvl 2, barded warhorse, dispel scroll, wizard staff
25 swordsmen: full command, 9 free company & 5 archers detachment
20 greatswords: full command, 9 free company & 5 archers detachment
20 flagellants
10 hand gunners, 5 hand gunner detachment
6 knights panther: preceptor, standard, war banner
6 inner circle knights of the white wolf: preceptor, standard
5 knights panther: musician
2 great cannons

Chaos Undivided Army list (6th edition army book)

In this scenario, you picked your lowest point unit and had to keep them alive at the end of the battle, while killing your opponent’s scouts for bonus points.

Chaos Lord with great fang, riding w/5 undivided chaos knights
Chaos sorcerer (lvl 2, shadow) riding with 5 undivided chaos knights
5 Chosen Khorne chaos knights: full command, banner of rage
Exalted demon: soul hunger
3 chariots
7 marauders: spears, full command
5 chaos hounds (his “scout” unit)
10 furies

Brian’s list was lean and very mean! I knew I was in for a fight.

I jumped right into the swing of things, blowing up a chariot with a cannon. He advanced cautiously in the middle and right, while his demons flew around my left.

My cannons blow up another chariot, and put a wound on his exalted demon. His furies quickly race in and devour the cannon crew, while the demon flies closer to the handgunners trying to terrorize them.

The handgunners flee, everyone else is fine. My white wolves charge his last chariot, wounding but not breaking it. The cannon sends 3 furies screaming back to their hell, while my infantry forms up into a wall of men, standing to receive the charge of the knights of Chaos. My war banner knights move to countercharge. The trap is set.
HELL IS UNLEASHED! His furies run down my fleeing handgunners, the sorcerer’s knights charge my knights panther, but we hold. The Khorne knights kill 12 flagellants and spray everyone nearby with blood, but they are pinned. The lord’s knights charge my white wolves, breaking but not catching them. His Chaos lord overruns into my swordsmen. His demon charges my wizard, who flees for his life.

Khorne stretches his dark hand over the field of battle, his shadow spreading like a curse among the brave men of Averland. He saps the strength from my war banner knights (I do no wounds to his Khorne knights when I flank charge), he inhales the winds of magic to protect his demon from the burning gaze of my wizards (mistcast ends the phase), his laughter rolls like thunder and fills my knights panther with dread and despair (I break and run from the fight with his chaos sorcerer’s knights).
Grapeshot does manage to destroy 4 furies.

The furies shriek and charge the surviving cannon, tearing the crew to bloody messes. The demon prince charges my “scouts” (an archer detachment), but only kills 2 and we hold! His marauders flank my war banner knights, and we hold again. My white wolves aren’t so lucky and are ground under the wheels of his chariot. Fritz sacrifices himself again to save the army standard bearer, and we hold in the combat. The courage of the Empire men is strong.

(You might wonder why my greatswords are just sitting there? I didn’t charge on my turn because I wanted to leave a clear path for my war banner knights to hit his knights when the broke his Khorne knights. Little did I know that I would fail to wound! I could have broken his general’s unit had I charged…)

Lawrence shakes off the lethargy that gripped him and charges to the aid of the army standard bearer. My wizards finally start to pull their weight. The remaining furies are drowned in molten silver, and I heal the wounded army standard bearer (he need a catchy name…). Lawrence kills a chaos knight, tipping the combat in our favor, but the knights fight on. A small cheer goes up in the Empire lines. The exalted demon kills 2 archer and swoops down on the fleeing survivor, carrying him off the table to some gruesome fate. He's achieved his objective. His own scouts, the war hounds, were kept in a kennel hidden behind a rocky hill, where I could not reach them for the entire battle.

The exalted demon swoops back to the field of battle, debating which wizard he would kill first. The blood spattered chariot turns to face my swordmens, who are still locked in combat. The Khorne/war banner/marauder fight rages on, neither side willing to yield. Lawrence sees the hulking Chaos lord bearing down on the army standard bearer, and bravely issues a challenge. The Chaos lord's great fang pierces through Lawrence's armor as if it were paper, but with a flash of light the relic Lawrence carries protects him from the blow. The Chaos Lord taunts Lawrence, attempting to seduce him to the side of Chaos.

Is that a guardian light surrounding my mage on foot? Heh.

Spitting words of power from his lips, the battle wizard engulfs the exalted demon in a rain of molten silver, the pure metal anathema to the demonic creature. It shrieks in pain and disintegrates. The Chaos Lord knocks Lawrence off his horse, and stabs him when he tries to rise. “If you only know the power of Chaos”, the general hissed. Lawrence turns and sees that power exercised. He sees his swordsmen die, ground to paste beneath the chariot, leaving only the army standard bearer. He sees his war banner knights falter, then flee, despite the frantic waving of the army standard. He sees them fall as well, cut down as the turn.

All around Lawrence the hordes of choas ride, picking off the remainder of his army. The marauders sweep aside the handgunners from behind. The Khorne knights butcher a wizard. The sorcerer’s knights charge the surviving archers, who hold against all odds. "Yield," hisses the Chaos lord. Lawrence's spit splatters on the twisted lord's helm. "So be it… general.” The great fang darts forward, embedding itself in Lawrence's chest. Lawrence's vision fades to black...

This game started out very well, with my cannons dishing out a lot of pain. His flying troops were a bother, but I was able to do a lot of damage back with my wizards and artillery. I had no way to get to his scouts, and I could have hidden mine a lot better. I was still frustrated by my character's inability to do damage. My biggest mistake was not flanking Khorne knights with my general. I should have folded them on both sides, then turned to deal with the Chaos lord.

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