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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Wood Elf Army vs Empire Army 2000 points battle report (pictures)

"The wardancers and dryads on his left moved up into the wood with the mages leaving the unit. The wildriders on the other flank moved up past the steam tanks line of site into part of the wood." [Ed. sneaky Wood Elf tactics!]

(a short, factual tournament battle report, nice to see some desert terrain for a change.)

source : : Snail26-May-2009

Empire Army 2000 point list

Arch Lector of Sigmar - 324 Pts
Heavy Armour, Shield , The Mace of Helstrum, Van Horstman's Speculum, War Altar

Captain - 155 Pts
Lance; Pistol; Full Plate Armour, Shield, Pegasus, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery, Pegasus

Battle Wizard - 150 Pts
Magic Level 2, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans

Battle Wizard - 150 Pts
Magic Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls

9 Crossbowmen - 115 Pts
Musician, Marksman
5 Free Company

11 Swordsmen - 112 Pts
Musician, Duellist
5 Free Company

5 Knightly Orders - 123 Pts

5 Knightly Orders - 123 Pts

Great Cannon - 100 Pts

Great Cannon - 100 Pts

4 Outriders - 134 Pts
Musician, Champion, Hochland Long Rifle

4 Pistoliers - 114 Pts
Musician, Outrider, Repeater Pistol

1 Steam Tank - 300 Pts

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 67

Total Army Cost: 2000

Wood Elf Army list 2000 points

Usman’s list was Treeman Ancient, BSB with magic bow and a funny arrow that split into 3D6, 2 L1’s with I think 4 scrolls, 2x10 archers, 2x8 dryads, 2x7 wardancers, 5 glad riders and 5 wildriders, 5 waywatchers and 5 scouts. So a pretty standard Wood Elf list.

For spells I took fire on both mages and got Fire ball and Wall of fire on my mage with the book and fire ball and conflagration of doom on my wizard with the sword, he also has steed of shadows in the ring of Volans. Usman’s mages both had tree sing.


These days I have a standard deployment with my army which in knights down first, outsiders behind the one on the side I think I need them and the rest of the army around that with the lector give his Leadership to as many people and the steam tank holding the weak flank. As you can see that is just what I’ve done in the picture (almost text book to my plan).

Turn 1

So after getting the first turn my army pushes forwards, outriders hiding from his shooting behind their portable 1+ armour save screen. The rest of the army did a little movement but it was all about putting pressure on his key units ASAP. Not much magic as I’d not wanted to move my wizards to close to his shooting. In my shooting phase my crossbows killed a few archers and a lucky cannon shoot bounced miles and sniped one of this 5 scouts hiding in a wood on this right hand side.

Usman moved this army up a little bit and did what wood elves do best, the waywatchers stayed in their wood to keep the table quarter safe and his big tree and his BSB friend stayed in reserve behind the hill. The wardancers and dryads on his left moved up into the wood with the mages leaving the unit. The wildriders on the other flank moved up past the steam tanks line of site into part of the wood. In the shooting phase my right hand knights forgot what armour was and rolled 3 1’s for their saves but pasted the panic test. His BSB used that magic bow of his and hail of doomed the pistoliers to death which the peg captain was a little shocked about but not enough to run away.

Turn 2

My knights charged the archers in front of them and the War Alter and other knights pushed forwards to be annoying and hopefully pin down the big tree and the stream tank moved up on the flank, firing its steam gun and pistol as it went killing 4 of the 5 wildriders. The Peg Captain failed to steal a spell and the cannon put a round hole in one of the mages who had left the safety of the wardancers. In combat the knights didn’t do much.

Usman moved the big tree over the hill and into charge ark of the War Alter and moved everything else up a bit with the lonely mage deciding it wasn’t safe on her own after seeing her fellow splattered on a tree and re joining the wardancers poking their head out to see the peg captain. The Wild rider moved through the wood to charge my crossbows next turn but didn’t survive my next shooting phase. The Treeman strangled some knights and they decided they need to do a tactical withdrawal and duly failed their panic and headed back to my board edge to rally next turn.

Turn 3(forgot to take a picture for turn 3)

The steam tank charged up its engine and charged the archers in front of it who fled and went into the flank of the other archers who the knights were having problems with and the War Alter went into the Treeman. The rest of the army shot and magiced some more of the wood elves. The steam tank ran over the archers and the knights chased off the remaining ones, the Pope stole the Treeman’s stats and did a wound I think but the big tree stuck around.

In Usman’s turn he moved around a bit bringing the wardancers with mage and the dryads as quickly as they could towards my cannons. Not much else happened and combat with the Treeman was a draw or something similar.

Turn 4-6

Over the next few turns my army rounded up what was left of the woodies and the Treeman died to a cleansing flare. The wardancers and mage charged the peg captain but lost combat and were run down. My knights dealt with the dryads frightening the cannon. The BSB and his friends pop their head out and died to shooting and magic (I think). The steam tank ran over the other unit of dryads.

With no way of getting the waywatchers out the wood and his glade riders in the other wood I claimed the other 2 table quarters and contested the 2 I couldn’t get.

Result - Victory to The Empire

2-0 Win to The Empire on objectives
(2048 VP’s to me 178 VP’s to The Wood Elf Army)

Battle Round up

I think Usman was a little too cautious and should have been more in my face putting pressure on me but as he didn’t it let me do that to him and slowly take his army apart.

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