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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Dwarves vs Orcs and Goblins 2250 pts battle report

warhammer tournament battle report :-

"Standing in between a wounded Giant and Giant lying on the ground, the 'cheap' Thain is going for the glory somewhere." [Ed. TWO Giants in the Orcs and Goblins Army !]

(I like the way this reporter explains the thinking behind some of his moves)

source : bugmansbrewery.comcredit : David L09-May-2009

2250 pts Dwarf Army List

Dwarf Lord, shieldbearers, great weapon
Master Rune of Steel, Resistance, Stone, Master Rune of Challenge, Furnace
286 points

Thain BSB - Strollaz, Guarding 175 points
Runesmith - shield, great weapon, spellbreaker, spellbreaker, Stone, Furnace 136pts
Thain - shield, great weapon, Stone 76 points

10 Thunderers, shields 150 points
15 warriors, shields, banner, musician 150 points
24 Longbeards, full command, Battle, Stoicism 363 points
17 Hammerers, shields, full command, Stoicism 276 points
13 Hammerers, shields, banner, champion, Battle 218 points

bolt thrower, engineer, Penetrating 86 points
bolt thrower engineer, Burning 65 points
Stone Thrower, engineer, Accuracy, Penetrating, Burning 155 points
Organ Gun 120 points

Army points = 2250 exactly

2250 pts Orcs & Goblins Army list

Black Orc on Wyvern
Savage Orc hero on chariot
goblin shaman on chariot
goblin shaman on chariot with nibbla's ring
3x5 fast cavalry
3x6 Savage Orc Boar Boyz
10 Squig Hoppers
2 Giants

3 Large Targets, 3 Chariots, 3 hard hitting cavalry units. I desperately need to shoot the entire frickening thing! In any other army, this sort of build would definitely get a "bad list" comp vote from me. But vaguely conventional Greenskins are so horribly weak against everything, I cannot do that.

Scenario is an Olympic themed one with various benefits you can apply. We mostly kept forgetting them. Bonus battle points for killing the enemy general, especially hacking him to death in a challenge (not via combat res, but actually cutting him down). I'm hopeful on that bonus point.

With a building to mess with his advance, a somewhat deployable hill, and water to help guard the table edge flank, I deploy on the left half of the table. S7 with Thain and Thunderers on hill. Big Hammerers west of that, then Organ Gun with Dwarf Lord, Longbeards with BSB, Stone Thrower, smaller Hammerers. Everything stands back from the deployment line, except the Warriors in front of the western Hammerers, who Strollaz forward. All alone well out to the east, and on the table edge, I put the flaming bolt thrower. The runesmith stands on the deployment line in front of it. The idea of the odd looking runesmith deployment was to not get stuck in the bolt thrower if a powerful enemy deployed near there. Assuming I go first, he can either hide in the trees (maybe march blocking something) if something besides fast cavalry is nearby. Or run back to the bolt thrower to defend it from goblins and claim a table quarter at unit strength 5.

Johnny puts boars and wolves west of the building. All chariots and large targets start north or east of the building, the wyvern hiding. Squig hoppers go behind woods with spiders in front of them. More boars east of the woods, last wolves beyond them. I found the squig deployment particularly odd, because with a unit in front of them, they literally wouldn't move the first turn (compulsory first, so they ram the unit and stop). Johnny said he needed to do that to keep some control over the unit.

Turn 1

To my displeasure, he wins the first turn.

Central boars fail animosity, no other problems, a couple insignificant 6s.
Johnny knows I have the Master Rune of Challenge and he REALLY REALLY doesn't like it. The three large targets and center spiders move into the middle but all face southeast while my army is southwest. Their LOS comes nowhere near my Dwarf Lord!
West and east cavalry advance. Chariots in the middle come up, but don't get far.

Magic missile takes out a couple Stoic Hammerers. Foot of Gork takes out a couple of warriors.

He has just 6 power dice and one bound spell, but my 5 dispel dice will roll double 1s at least 4 times this game.

End of O&G turn 1. View from west side of table.

Going second messes things up a bit for me. Especially that poor Runesmith. It's questionable, but the eastern goblin wolf riders might have a charge on the lonely bolt thrower. Runesmith moves to cut the path, and going around him should cost them just enough movement to not reach the artillery.

Strolling Warriors realize their initial plan is not workable now and back up. Main line advances slightly to ensure the two big guns cannot be charged. Dwarf Lord moves east to Stoic Hammers.

Stone Thrower declares on Wyvern. Perfect guess. Hit. Wound. 6 Wounds! Dead Wyvern!!!
(it didn't wound the general)

However, that's about it for the shooting phase. S7 rolls a '1' to wound a chariot. Flaming misses. Thunderers get just one boar. Organ Gun misfires and loses the next turn as well.

End of Dwarf turn 1

Turn 2

Animosity helps me out by pinning both western cavalry and squig hoppers. My Warriors are especially happy about this.

The Black Orc general is right ticked about losing his bird, especially since he's standing in the middle of nowhere. Giants advance, continuing to look very odd by avoiding LOS to my Dwarf Lord. They can barely see the Thunderers and S7 on the hill. Central spiders run onto that hill, hoping to reduce my shooting LOS. Far east wolves shift straight west, still facing the lonely bolt thrower. Forward boars advance cautiously, the previously squabbling boars try to catch up. Chariots move up but don't seem to be getting far (or trying to get far? not sure).

Nibblas ring, after I roll double 1s, wounds my cheap Thain.

End of O&G turn 2

My cheap Thain is guarding the S7 on the hill, but spiders are standing just a few inches in front. I charge them. I figure they won't flee because Johnny put them there purely to block S7 LOS at chariots. But if I can break them, I can pursue into a Giant, so I thought fleeing really was the right decision. They hold.
Warriors back up a little. Runesmith runs back to join the bolt thrower crew. Not so lonely now, he should be enough to beat off a few goblins.

Stone Thrower shoots at nearest Giant. Perfect guess. Hit. Wound. 4 Wounds!
S7 isn't blocked from every chariot and knocks one out from under a shaman. S6 misses. Thunderers (with +1 to hit for one turn from scenario) shoot boar boyz, dropping 3 more (2 left).

Thain kills 3 spiders, but with the confused Black Orc general wandering around in the middle 'inspiring' them, they hold. Especially with that Giant suddenly down 4 wounds, I had hopes of a massive success killing the spiders, pursing into the giant and killing it. Oh well, the spiders cost as much as the Thain, so just killing them will be doing fine.

End of Dwarf turn 2

Turn 3

Animosity stops the trailing boar boyz, their second bout of squabbling.
Eastern wolf riders charge bolt thrower with runesmith. Purple Giant charges S7. Club giant charges Thunderers who try to stand and shoot (hitting on 2s only needing 2 wounds to drop him), but they fail terror and run off the table. The 2 remaining boars also charged the Thunderers, but their failed terror means a failed charge. Western boars charge warriors who flee, little Hammerers needing Longbeard re-roll to pass panic. Yes, I failed 2 leadership 10 tests this turn (terror and panic). Thank you Longbeards!

Squigs move towards building. General runs back towards buildling. Western wolves move east and closer to me. Savage hero on chariot moves up past building, looking to hit something next turn.

Magic gets a few more Stoic Hammerers. The Dwarf Lord is very annoyed at the Runesmith by this point.

The Runesmith is busy fighting goblins, who take out the three normal crew. Runesmith and engineer only get 2 wolves in return and we hold. Purple Giant decides to jump up and down on the S7 bolt thrower, but falls over in his eagerness. Yippie! Thain kills the 2 remaining spiders.

End of O&G turn 3

Wow, I can declare charges. Standing in between a wounded Giant and Giant lying on the ground, cheap Thain is going for the glory somewhere. The Lord decides to take out the heavily wounded one personally (with Stoic Hammerers) so the Thain goes for the one on the ground that is barely hurt. Longbeards charge annoying wolf riders who flee. The Giant is afraid of the Dwarf Lord and flees!! (realistically, the right decision. 8 S6 should drop his last 2 wounds easily).
Warriors rally, western Hammerers move up to prevent a flank charge on the Longbeards.

Stone Thrower shoots at the Savage chariot. Good guess. Slight scatter. Dead chariot. The Organ Gun doesn't have LOS at much of value. I could blast the suddenly on foot Savage hero, but he's not going to do much to me. Instead I blast the previous un-charioted goblin shaman and reduce him to paste.

Runesmith and engineer take out the goblins. Thain puts 2 wounds on the fallen Giant.

End of Dwarf turn 3

Turn 4

It is now Johnny's turn to fail a leadership 10 test. I've already failed 2, but Longbeard re-roll saved one. The club Giant doesn't get re-rolls and keeps fleeing, but stays on the table.

2 eastern boars must charge the S7 crew. 6 western boars flank charge Hammerers. This is going to hurt, but holding this is their job.

The big building has a tiny separate building on the eastern corner that you cannot see in the pictures. It looks like an outhouse. Since it blocks a bit more LOS around the corner of the buildling, the Orc general now goes and hides behind the outhouse. The Savage Orc hero would like to join him, but doesn't fit and just moves further away.

Last shaman (and his chariot) stay behind the building so the Stone Thrower cannot hit him. Squabble-much boars turn west and approach the main battle area. Squigs hop into building.

Boars on Hammerers drop 7 of my guys! Ouch.

2 Boars charging S7 kill 3 crew. Giant squishes the last one. Thain gets to swing and kills the Giant!!! The Giant then falls on the Thain and kills him, but what a legendary way to go out! 2 Boars overrun off the table.

End of O&G turn 4

Longbeards move up a bit to give Stone Thrower LOS at boars. Lord's unit moves up to force the boars to charge them instead of attempting to flank Longbeards.

Stone thrower ends its perfect streak and misses. Organ Gun continues its 'not much' streak and misfires, losing the next turn again. However, with just the engineer left, the lonely bolt thrower drops the fleeing Giant. All 3 Large Terror-causers gone!

My plans suddenly fall apart in the close combat phase though. The Hammerers, while they lose just one guy to the non-charging boars, roll a pair of 11s for their break test. The savage boar boyz pursue into the FLANK of my Longbeards.

End of Dwarf turn 4

Turn 5

Animosity almost screws him as the wolf riders roll a 6. They nearly hit the front of the Longbeards (which will hand me combat res for killing them) but are just short. Other boars charge Dwarf Lord and Hammerers.
Squigs leave the building with a tiny roll. 2 surviving boars return to the table and face west, at my Organ Gun.

Another failed dispel hits the lonely bolt thrower with Foot, killing the engineer (and thus the machine) and wounding the Runesmith.

With two boars wasted on my Dwarf Lord, their friends don't kill many Hammerers and I drop 3 of them. They break but escape. Still this gives me a nice pursuit move towards the middle of the table and closer to that outhouse the Black Orc general likes so much.

Boars in the Longbeard flank drop 4 and I hold.

End of O&G turn 5

Dwarf Lord and his Hammerers ignore the fleeing boars and advance straight west, getting close to the cowardly Black Orc. Organ Gun (which cannot shoot from misfire) moves west to avoid the 2 surviving boar boyz. Warriors turn to face them.
Stone thrower shoots at those 2 boars but misses.

Without the charge bonuses, the boars only get 1 Longbeard and I get 1 of them. With my 3 banners, I win combat and they break. Thanks to hatred, I have to pursue, which goes just past the squig hoppers. So it looks like the Longbeards will be getting flanked again.

End of Dwarf turn 5

Turn 6

Finally I've gotten that Orc general in range for the MRoChallenge! "time to get off the pot!" Fleeing would kill him, so he charges. But my Dwarf Lord is in the usual corner position as I forgot the Orc was a small model. He thus avoids base contact with my Lord.

Squigs flank Longbeards. 2 boars charge Warriors. Wolf Riders charge Organ Gun, hoping to pursue into flank of Warriors.

Goblins kill 2 Organ Gun crew, but the last holds and refuses to die in the bottom of the turn. Boars hold against Warriors. Squigs kill 4 or 5 Longbeards, but the BSB drops 3 of them in return. I've got static 7 and they don't roll insane courage. Meet building wall squigs!

The Black Orc kills a couple Hammerers the first round, then I move the Dwarf Lord over and challenge. He has enough saves I cannot entirely kill him in the bottom of turn 6, although he does break. No bonus points for chopping him to pieces, so just an 18 point win.

Victory for the Dwarfs!!

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