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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Beasts of Chaos vs Dogs of War battle report 2000 pts (maps)

"The Centaur Princess spotted the four-legged abominations of Chaos sneaking through the trees to her flank. She called out to her Guard, and the Centaurs charged in a thunder of hoofbeats into the forest after them. The Centigors turned and fled, leaving the Princess’s Guard trotting through the trees alone."

(a very unique Warhammer Fantasy Battle including a customised "Dogs of War" army consisting of Forest Fey, such as Centaurs. It was played over the internet and published turn by turn for forum reader feedback.)

source : : Xtapl24-May-2009

In case you missed the first installment of the Interactive Battle Report, here's the deal: Originally, jonpegg came up with the idea of posting a battle report in segments, only posting a turn at a time and letting people discuss the game in progress in between turns. I agreed to participate. The first battle report drew 78 responses and some great tactical discussion. I present to you now the second installment, as the mediocre tactician Xtapl takes on the ridiculously gifted el ray…


A quiet, remote glade deep in the Arden forests is home to a peaceful village of Centaurs. They have long since retreated to a place where the surrounding Bretonnian natives cannot reach them. However, one stormy afternoon, an satyr scout rushes into the Centaur Grand Shaman's hut. Beastmen have been sighted. They've burned down the first hut they encountered, sending the Centaur villagers fleeing (upper left corner of the field). More huts are in their path of destruction, and they must be stopped before the entire village is overrun.

A council is convened. The Grand Shaman consults with the Centaur Princess and the Medicine Man. The hut burning could be a diversion; a trap to pull the fighting centaurs out of position to ambush them somewhere else. The princess proposes a plan: send a force, led by herself, to the northeast to put out the fires, while the Grand Shaman and the captain of the princess’s guard fans out to the northwest to repel the invaders. As the only approach for a massive army is from the south, perhaps they can be bottlenecked in and prevented from doing more damage.

The plan is agreed upon.

The Grand Shaman assembles the warriors and hunters, and rouses the Satyr Scouts. The Beasts must be repelled at all costs...


This game was being played via the internet proxy system. We settled up the map and proposed our army lists fairly quickly. I had just finished a game with el ray where he wiped the floor with me (battle report pending), so I was well aware of his tactical abilities and his propensity toward killer list design. He agreed to tone it down a bit, as the US tournament scene is nowhere near the power/OTT level of the European tournament scene. With a more moderate army design from my opponent, I was able to take a tournament list that I am (this close) to building. I thought we’d be in for a pretty fun and challenging game.


Defenders of the Centaur Glade [Ed. Dogs of War Army List]

The Centaur Great Shaman
Mounted Wizard, level 4, barded steed

The Centaur Medicine Man
Mounted Wizard, level 2, steed

The Centaur Princess
Mounted Paymaster, great weapon, heavy armor, shield, barded steed

Captain of the Centaur Guard
Mounted Captain, great weapon, heavy armor, shield, barded steed, general

9 Voland's Venators
9 Heavy Cav w/ Full Command
4 x 5 Light Cav w/ Bows and Musicians
2 x 5 Light Cav w/ Spears and Shields
3 x 10 Duellists w/ Pistols
3 Ogres w/ Great Weapons

Marauding Beasts of Chaos Horde

Beastlord Mark of Chaos Undivided; General; Great Weapon; Shield
Bray Shaman Mark of Chaos Undivided; Magic Level 2; Braystaff
Bray Shaman Mark of Chaos Undivided; Magic Level 2; Braystaff
9 Beast Herd (Gors) 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician; Foe-Render, 5 Ungors Spear
9 Beast Herd (Gors) 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician; Foe-Render, 5 Ungors Spear
6 Beast Herd (Gors) 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician; Foe-Render, 5 Ungors Spear
5 Beast Herd (Gors) 2ndWeapon; Musician, 7 Ungors Spear
Tuskgor Chariot; Mark of Chaos Undivided
Tuskgor Chariot; Mark of Chaos Undivided
Tuskgor Chariot; Mark of Chaos Undivided
4 Minotaurs; Great Weapon
4 Minotaurs; Great Weapon
6 Centigors; Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
6 Chaos Furies
3 Dragon Ogres; Great Weapon; Light Armour


The deployment map looked like this:

There were a couple of forests spread in the center of the table, with three sets of huts scattered to the far left and lower right of the table. In the upper left, there were some ruins to represent the burned centaur huts. They would be difficult terrain.

Battle Map Character colors, so you can keep track:

Great Shaman: Light Blue (Lore of Beasts: Oxen Stands, Eagle’s Cry, Crow’s Feast, Wolf Hunts)
Medicine Man: Dark Blue (Lore of Light: Guardian Light, Blinding Light)
Centaur Princess: Pink and White (Paymaster)
Centaur Captain: Yellow

Beastlord: Red
Brayshaman: Orange (Lore of Shadows: Steed of Shadows, Creeping Death)
Brayshaman: Green (Lore of Shadows: Steed of Shadows, Creeping Death, Pit of Shades)


Assembling quickly, the Centaurs fanned out to intercept the marauding Beastmen. A few units of lightly armored Centaurs marched out ahead of the army to draw the Beasts in, while the Satyr scouts moved into position to screen the Centaurs from the inevitable Beast ambush. The heavily armored Centaur Guard moved forward at a trot, keeping behind the pace of the lighter units so they could countercharge if necessary. The Medicine Man was even able to rouse three great Cave Bears to come to the Centaurs’ aid; they rumbled alongside the heavier Centaur Guard.

With the army in position, the Great Shaman raised his arms and called out to the spirits of the forest. A massive eagle soared overhead, screaming. The tuskgors pulling the chariot at the far right of the Beast lines panicked at the sound, and fled, dumping the riders to the ground as the chariot left the battlefield.

The Medicine Man, on the far side of the field, summoned his powers over the sky and the sun. With irresistible force, he clapped his hands together, and the full brightness of the sun filled the eyes of the Dragon Ogres. The brutes began to stumble into each other, blinded by the sun’s rays.

The Brayshamans combined to dispel the flock of crows gathering overhead, keeping them at bay for now.

A few of the faster Centaurs loosed arrows at the Centigors and Minotaurs, but their arrows either fell short or failed to penetrate the thick hides of the beasts.

The Centaurs had drawn first blood, and waited to repel the invaders’ advance.


The bloodthirsty Beasts managed to keep their unruly herds in check. However, the smell of combat was near, and the Beasts were ready. The minotaurs launched a charge against the Light Centaurs (K8), while both chariots barreled off after other small groups of Centaurs. (C5 and F5).

The bait had been taken. The Centaurs all turned tail and fled, leaving the Beasts lumbering slowly in their wake.


At this point, we had our first rules discrepancy, so I will stop here and allow for group discussion. I will not color the discussion at all, and won’t post my opinion until the battle report continues. I hope el ray will show the same courtesy, and we can let you fine folks decide who was right.

The minotaurs charge the light centaurs (the pink arrow). In which direction should the light centaurs flee?

As it turns out, we played it that they fled directly away from the minotaurs, through my line. My opinion was that they should avoid my units and impassable terrain, so, illogical as it may seem, they should flee through the woods. However, reevaluating, there was enough space to have them flee to the right (toward the hut), so that's actually where they should have went. In any case, I don't think they should have fled through my line.

But they did.

The Light Centaurs raced past the Centaur lines, warning them that the Beasts were coming and had taken the bait.

The Brayshaman, clad in fading orange robes, pointed a gnarled finger at the Captain's Centaur Guard, attempting to exhort the winds of creeping death on them. However, the Great Shaman's furious chanting put those shadows to rest...for now.

The other Brayshaman, clip-clopping along in his putrid green cloak, raised his staff and quickly drew the shadows together for another attack, springing their creeping death from the forest at the Princess's Guard with a force that was irresistable. However, the Centaurs' heavy wooden plate armor protected them from harm, and no damage was done.

The Princess steeled herself. The battle would soon be joined.


The Cave Bears glanced dully at the Light Centaurs racing past them, seeming to shrug and then trundling toward the approaching beasts. The Light Centaurs whipped around, secure behind the relative safety of the Centaur lines. However, on the far left side of the field, the Light Centaurs failed to hear the clarion call of the main line, and left the battlefield.

The Centaur Princess spotted the four-legged abominations of Chaos sneaking through the trees to her flank. She called out to her Guard, and the Centaurs charged in a thunder of hoofbeats into the forest after them. The Centigors turned and fled, leaving the Princess’s Guard trotting through the trees alone.

Again, the Centaur main line advanced, using the Cave Bears as a shield of sorts. The Great Shaman broke off from the rest of his unit, placing himself beside the Centaur Guard. On the far left of the field, Satyr scouts readied their light crossbows to engage, while the Medicine Man sent his detachment to hide in the shadows of the huts.

Again, the Great Shaman’s attempt to gather the crows of the forest were dispelled by the foul Brayshamans. Quickly, while their attentions were diverted, the Great Shaman exhorted the spirit of the wolf in the Light Centaurs (K5) with irresistible force. However, the spirit was not strong in them, and they barely moved more than three feet. The Medicine Man again flashed the power of the sun before the Dragon Ogres, but they were protected at the last moment by the reading of an ancient text from one of the goat shamen.

The Satyrs at the far left unleashed a hail of crossbow bolts at the chariot before them (C7), spearing one of the Tuskgors greviously in the eye. The Light Centaurs (I) managed to get a single arrow past the defenses of the Minotaurs (J) in front of them. The second unit of Minotaurs looked dimly over at the first, marveling at how a single arrow could penetrate the thick hides of their compatriots. At that moment, the Satyr scouts on the far right fired a torrent of light crossbow bolts into their ranks (M). One of the Minotaurs fell dead on the spot, and a second took two serious wounds that threatened to fell it as well. The Beastlord’s presence kept them from panicking, but major damage had been done.


The Centigors whipped around, fresh for the fight, while it seemed the entire Beast army loped off in a charge against the Centaurs. One chariot launched after the Satyrs which had wounded it (C7->D5), while the other chariot and the Dragon Ogres caught the Light Centaurs in their gaze (G5) and charged them. The Minotaurs pulled up their dying comrade, and barreled into the Cave Bears (M6), while the second unit joined the Furies in charging a unit of Light Centaurs (K5). The beast herd at the far right took off after the Satyrs, looking to exact revenge for the Minotaurs (O).

The entire Centaur line turned and fled, while the Cave Bears roared and stood erect to face the Minotaurs. The Satyrs (O) released another volley of bolts at the incoming beastmen, but failed to find purchase. The furies changed course in midair, launching themselves at the Great Shaman. The old veteran was too fast, however, and retreated to a safer position.

The Beastlord sounded his Brayhorn, and another herd of beastmen appeared at his back.

The Brayshaman in orange raised his hands to call forth Creeping Death, but the Medicine Man quickly produced a sheaf of parchment and read from it, dampening the foul magicks. The Brayshaman in green attempted to follow up with the same spell, but his diction wasn’t quite as clear, and the spell was miscast. A blanket of anti-magic flowed over the beasts, preventing them from casting any more spells.

The Satyrs and the Beast herd clashed, running full speed at each other. The Satyrs, being much smaller and more agile, easily avoided the clumsy blows of the beasts, stabbing one of the goatmen to the ground. Although the beasts had ranks on their side, and were flying their filthy banner high, the stoic Satyrs gave not an inch as they locked the beasts in mortal combat.

The Minotaurs gored one of the Cave Bears to death as they charged in, all horns and axes. The Bears were too large to be moved or intimidated, and ripped and clawed at the Chaos monsters. The wounded Minotaur was torn to shreds, and another was bitten twice in the neck and was rapidly losing blood. The heavyweights circled each other, bloody but unbroken.

(Note that the herd and duellists at far right should have been ranked up, but I didn't bother to draw the units as ranked up because I figured the Duellists were going to get butchered. As you can see, they didn't. So for Turn 3, I went ahead and drew them. Pretend in this pic that they're ranked up. :)


The Voland, the champion of the Princess’s Guard, motioned to his hornblower. The muscular centaur blew three short notes on his horn, and the Centaur and Satyr units all turned around. The Centaurs were leading the Beasts on a merry chase, fleeing at the last moment only to regroup a second later and dash off to another position. The Centaur line held, despite a possibility of panicking.

Meanwhile, Centaur units were charging into the battle all over the field. The Satyr scouts who had been rearguarding the Centaur lines charged into the daemonic Furies, while a brave group of lighter Centaurs braced their shields and lowered their spears to charge the flank of the unaware Minotaurs who were grappling with the Cave Bears. The Captain of the Centaur Guard bellowed to his own men, and charged headlong into the Minotaurs before him.

While the other units were getting into place, the Medicine Man raced into the shadows of a hut, chanting furiously. Once again, the radiant light of the sun blinded the Dragon Ogres, and they flailed around wildly as their sight left them temporarily.

The Great Shaman once again exhorted the spirit of the wolf, this time on the Princess’s Guard. The force of his spellcasting was irresistible, and the Beasts could do nothing to stop the spectral lupine from carrying the Centaurs forward, crashing into the bewildered Beast Herd hiding in the trees.

The Centaurs shooting was largely ineffective, as the thick hides and sturdy construction of the Chariots protected them from the wooden arrows of the forest creatures.

The Centaur Princess chopped one of the foul Gors to the ground, while her Guard speared another to death. Voland, the Princess’s Champion, roared a challenge to the Foe-Render seething in the Beasts’ ranks. The goatman leaped toward him in acceptance, and was immediately butchered. The rest of the herd watched in horror as Voland trampled their champion into the ground, doing far more damage than was necessary to kill the Gor. The herd panicked and broke from combat, and the Centaurs flattened them under a flurry of hooves as they ran. Seizing the opportunity, they slammed into the flank of the blinded Dragon Ogres. (The range was in question, but we diced for it and I won, so the Centaurs got to overrun into the Dragon Ogres.)

The Centaur Guard and the Captain were faring well against the Minotaurs as well. The force of the charge had felled one of the massive brutes, and wounded another. The monstrosities fought back with vigor, though, and three of the Centaurs fell under the heavy mauls of the Beasts. The fight was too overwhelming for the Minotaurs, and they broke off and ran, narrowly escaping the pursuing Centaurs.

The Satyrs fought with bravery against the Furies, pulling two of the daemons from the sky and crushing them. The Furies were unprepared for such an assault, and nearly lost their hold on reality, as two more of them slipped back into the warp. The Satyrs closed in on the remaining two with swords drawn.

The Light Centaurs jabbed with their spears, dropping the wounded Minotaur to one knee and finishing him off, then wounding the last. The Minotaur snapped the neck of one great Cave Bear, then turned on the last. The bear was upon it before the Minotaur knew what hit it. With a savage snap of its jaws, the bear turned the lights out on the Minotaur.

The other Satyr scouts were all over the Gors in front of them, slaying four of them in the scrum. Two more scouts fell, but the stoic Satyrs hung in there for another go.


The battle was raging all along the battlefield. The Centigors, sensing the danger the Dragon Ogres were in, charged in to help against the Princess’s Guard. The chariot, just barely able to see the Princess’s Guard, turned on the spot and charged. (It was a little clippy, but we diced for it and el ray won, so the chariot got to charge.) The hardened Guard did not panic, however, and steeled themselves for a fight. The Beastlord roared to his herd and charged at the Centaur Guard, but the Captain called for a tactical withdrawl and left the charging beasts in his wake. The light Centaurs bravely stood their ground as the beast herd who was protecting the Brayshaman in green charged, knowing they must protect the Princess’s flank.

The Minotaurs, sensing that the Centaur Guard was no longer pursuing them, rallied and turned to survey the field.

The Brayshaman attempted to raise the shadows to carry the Beastlord into battle, but the powerful anti-magic of the Centaurs dampened the effect. Frustrated, it snorted and incanted to bring about creeping death on the light Centaurs (M5), but the Great Shaman read from a scroll of ancient parchment, and the spell dissipated.

The Light Centaurs were butchered by the charging beast herd, selling their lives dearly to protect the flank of the Princess. The Centaur Guard barely noticed, however, as they had problems of their own. The Chariot barreled into them from the front, but quick hooves and thick wooden plate armor protected them from any damage at all. (2 impact hits, 2 wounds, 2 saves) The Princess and Voland raged on the Dragon Ogres, cutting one one of the blinded monstrosities down before it could react, with the help of one of the Princess’s Guard. Blows were coming in from every angle, from the Centigors and the Chariot crew and the Tuskgors. However, a little luck and some finely made armor protected the Princess’s Guard from the majority of the damage, and only two of the brave soldiers were killed. (One 5+ save, four 4+ saves, and four 3+ saves, and I only failed two. Of the 3+ saves, if you can believe that…) The Centaurs in the back rank turned and fought fiercely against the Centigors, and killed two of the abominations on the spot. The ferocity of the Princess’s Guard was unparalleled, and too much for the Beasts to take. The Dragon Ogres, Chariot, and Centigors all turned and broke off of the combat. The Beast Herd and Brayshaman were so amazed to see one small band of Centaurs take so much damage and come out relatively unharmed that they wanted to get as far away as possible, and turned and fled. A rousing whoop went up from the Princess’s Guard, and they galloped off after the Dragon Ogres, who were too far in the distance to catch.

(Here we debate about banners. Can the Centaurs capture the Centigors’ banner, even though they pursued the Dragon Ogres? For full discussion, go here.)

The Satyrs fell upon the remaining daemonic Furies, and sent them back into the warp. Their comrades on the far right side of the battlefield did not fare as well, as they only killed one Gor, and lost three of their numbers. They had protected the flank as long as they could, but they broke from battle and were run down by the goats.

A small Centaur galloped up beside the Great Shaman, out of breath. He panted out a message from the north. A detachment of High Elves were passing closeby, and offered assistance against the encroaching Beasts. If the Centaurs could hold on just three more hours, the High Elves would arrive in time to repel the invaders. The Great Shaman furrowed his brow. Three hours, and they could all be dead. But help too late was better than no help at all. They would have to last three more hours.


Taking hold of the opportunity, the Princess’s Guard and the light Centaurs rushed after the fleeing Dragon Ogres and chariot. The lone Cave Bear galloped into the Beastlord’s herd, and the light Centaurs came charging in after. Both the Dragon Ogres and the chariot outpaced the pursuing centaurs, while the beast herd braced itself for impact.

The chaos of battle broke the concentration of the Brayshamans, and the Great Centaur Shaman took advantage. Quickly, he gathered the crows of the forest, and set them upon the Centigors. Two of them were clawed and pecked to death before the murder dissipated. The brayshamans snapped back to attention to dispel the Great Shaman’s next casting attempt.

The light centaurs (C) loosed a small volley of arrows, wounding the charioteer (C7).

The combat was an utter disaster for the centaurs. The Cave Bear tore a huge chunk out of the Beastlord, despite his armor of damnation. Immediately, the hole regenerated. The herd fell upon the great bear, and chopped it to the ground. Two of the light centaurs also met their end, and the remaining three fled for their lives. The beasts attempted to catch them, but were no match for the centaurs’ speed.

The Great Shaman looked at the sky, gauging the position of the sun. Two and a half more hours. They needed to hold on just a little while longer.


The Dragon Ogres had seen enough. They fled from the battlefield, while the rest of the beasts turned around to face the incoming centaurs. The Beastlord brayed to his herd, and they charged full speed toward the Centaur Guard. The Centaur Captain frowned, and signaled to his unit to pull back to a more tactical position. They easily outran the beasts.

The Brayshamans’ skill with magic was no match for the Centaurs’ ancient magicks. Nearly every attempt to cast a spell was thwarted, and while a Brayshaman did manage to evoke creeping death on the Princess’s Guard, only one of the stalwart Centaurs went down.

With many units from both sides in a position to make a difference in the battle, the next two hours would be crucial to deciding the fate of the Centaur village.


The powerful sense of leadership the Centaurs felt in defending their homeland was most evident on the field this day, as panic seemed like a thing of the past. Both the Centaur Guard and the light Centaurs spun around, prepared to fight once again. With a shout, both units of Satyr scouts charged headlong into battle; one unit against the menacing Tuskgor chariot, and one unit against the Beastlord’s herd.

The Medicine Man’s power over the sun was absolute, and he flashed a beam of brightest sunshine into the eyes of the charioteers and their Tuskgors (D7). The Brayshamans were not paying attention, and the spell went off perfectly. The Great Shaman poured the spirit of the wolf into the Princess’s Guard, but timely reading of a scroll stopped the spell. The crows were dispersed by the Brayshamans before they could gather.

The light Centaurs failed utterly in their singular task, as 15 arrows into the Beast Herd managed to kill only one Ungor. The Centaurs were dismayed; many of them would probably die for their mistake.

The Satyr scouts fought viciously against the Beast Herd, dropping four of their number with their light crossbow shots and wooden swords. Their feeling of victory was short lived, however, as the Beastlord and his herd hacked seven of them to the ground. The remaining handful of scouts turned to run, and quickly outpaced the herd. The Beastlord tried to stop his bloodthirsty herd from giving chase, but they were off to the races too quickly.

The other Satyr scouts were fairing much better. The incoming volley of crossbow bolts wounded the charioteer deeply, and, although they killed one of the scouts in the ensuing rumble, the weight of numbers was too much for the chariot. It turned and fled the battlefield, with the Satyrs right on its heels to escort it from the forest.

The Great Shaman looked at the sun and calculated the time. Only one and a half hours to go. The Centaurs had to hold on.


The blinded chariot could just barely see the Princess’s Guard in front of it, and it rushed toward them. The Beastherd on the far right flank charged toward the light Centaurs, but the speedy forest folk easily withdrew. The Beastherd on the southern front moved to surround the light Centaurs; their end was surely at hand.

The Brayshaman filled his general with the speed of the shadows, and the Beastlord flew through the air toward the Great Shaman. The wily old Centaur immediately turned and moved out of the way, leaving the Beastlord stranded. While one shaman could not muster up the creeping death, the other got the spell to work against the light Centaurs. However, the Medicine Man’s chanting easily dispelled the spell.

The chariot crashed into the Princess’s Guard, and the Tuskgors viciously gored at the Centaurs. The heavy wooden armor protected most of the Centaurs from harm, although one unlucky Guardsman was caught under the wheels of the chariot and came up lame, hobbling away from the fight. Although the Centaurs fought fiercely, they could not wound the blinded chariot. However, the weight of numbers was too much for the chariot crew, and they turned to flee. The Princess held her guard back; the chariot was too far away to give chase.

One hour until the Elven host arrived to give aid. Would any Centaurs be left?


The two Satyr Scouts continued to run, leaving the battlefield, while both the lightly armored Centaurs and the Great Shaman turned to face the field. One brave unit of Light Centaurs stepped in to shield the Great Shaman from the oncoming forces, while the other raced toward the center of the field. The remnants of the last band of lightly armored Centaurs took refuge in the shadows of the Centaur huts.

The Medicine Man poured the brightest light of the sun into the eyes of the Brayshaman and its herd, hoping the blindness would help save the Centaurs who were surrounded by the bloodthirsty herd. The beasts were able to dispel the last attempt by the Great Shaman to fill the Princess’s Guard with the spirit of the wolf.

The Satyr Scouts fired off their crossbows in the hopes of finishing off the fleeing chariot, and while they did wound, it was not enough to destroy the infernal contraption. The combined shooting of the two Light Centaur units saw off a grand total of one Ungor.

This was it. Either the Centaurs would hold out for the last half an hour, or the High Elves would arrive to find the Centaur village in ruins.


The horns sounding in the distance meant the High Elf host was close at hand. The beastlord and his herd charged the Light Centaurs, who bravely steeled themselves to protect their Great Shaman. The blinded herd stumbled into the other Light Centaurs, who hoped they could avoid the brunt of the damage. Sadly, for the Centaurs, the chariot rallied and turned around.

A violent miscast by the first Brayshaman zapped the spells from his mind, and left him staggering around, holding his head and screaming at the sky. The other Brayshaman’s attempt to cast was easily dispelled by the Centaurs.

The beastlord and his herd cut through the lightly armored Centaurs like cloth, and the last remaining Centaur fled for the hills. The beastlord and his herd gave chase, and, alas, although the Centaurs had given their lives to protect their Great Shaman, the old stallion was nearly trampled in the ensuing pursuit. He panicked, and ran for the safety of the trees, easily outpacing the beast herd, but still…his presence gone from the battlefield would be a huge blow to the Centaurs’ morale.

The Brayshaman swung his club wildly, knocking one poor Centaur unconscious. The others, however, lashed back at the blinded herd, dropping three of the Gors. However, it just wasn’t enough, and the weight of numbers caused the Centaurs to give up and flee.


Tallying up the scores, the Beastmen had eliminated 989 points worth of the Centaurs’ army and fully controlled one quarter of the battlefield. The Centaurs had eliminated 836 points of the Beastmen army, and held two banners (one from the Centigors, and one from a Beast Herd). The finals score was Centaurs 1036, Beastmen 1089. With a difference of only 53 points, the game was a draw!

It was an excellent learning experience for me with this army, and a fun game. I made a few mistakes which cost me points, but I’m happy with the way I played. Definitely have a few new tricks the next time I use the army.

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to discuss the results.


The trees opened, and a great cheer went up from the Centaurs as a stream of brightly armored Silver Helms raced into the glen, followed by charging units of White Lions and Spearelves. The beasts began to immediately pull back, knowing that the numbers were no longer with them.

The Medicine Man caught up to the Great Shaman, who was galloping through the trees toward the village. He brought news from the front. The beasts had been turned back. The glen was safe; but the victory was not without cost. Many fine Centaurs had lost their lives in defense of their homes.

Too much was lost to consider the battle a victory. However, the village had been saved, so it was not a total loss, either.

Like the nature of the forest itself, at the end of this day, there was only balance.


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