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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dogs of War vs Orcs and Goblins 2000 pt battle report

Grimgor himself graces a Warhammer Fantasy Battle :-

"Some failed charges from Grimgor and a Chariot let me get a flank charge off on a Chariot with my Marauders and charging Grimgor with my Cursed Company"

(no pics but a nicely summarised read)

source : oldworldonline.proboards.comcredit : Arguleon Veq02-Apr-2009

2000 point Dogs of War Army List

A game with my Evil variant of my DoW list, based on a swamp Wizard theme.

Wizard Lord; Lvl 4
Wizard; Lvl 2
Dark Emissary;
Paymaster; Heavy Armour, Shield, Crossbow, Barded Steed.

20 Cursed Company;
10 Ruglands Armoured Orcs;
12 Norse Marauders;
3 Maneaters; Great Weapons

5 Fast Cav; Bows
5 Fast Cav; Spears
8 Duellists; Pistols


2000 pt Orcs and Goblins Army list

Black Orc Big Boss; Kickin Boots, Eavy Armour, Shield.
Night Gob Shaman; Staff of Stealin.
Night Gob Shaman; Scroll.

29 Big Uns; 2 choppas, full command. Spirit Totem.
17 Black Orcs; full command, Banner of Butchery.
29 Night Gobs; 3 Fanatics.
29 Night Gobs; 3 Fanatics.
5 Squig Herds;

Boar Chariot;
Boar Chariot;

Magic -

I chose Metal, got 1 + 6 . Death on my Lord, 1,3,4,6. Dark Em got 1, the panic one, fog and the -1 to hit spell.

Pre Game Thoughts;

I would put almost all my magic and shooting on the Black Orcs as I could not deal with Grimgor and that unit in combat. My Maneaters should break the Big Uns so they would go for them. I would use lots of fleeing with my fast cav and Duellists to pull his line apart and stall him. I wasnt sure if i could shoot down Grimgors boys though. The enemy avoided terrain and I castled around my hill with the Arrer Boys on the hill.

Early Game;

The Orcs advanced on me, I dispelled their spells. My Fast Cav with Bows moved out to draw fanatics, getting all 6 out but none aimed at them hit them. My magic was mostly shut down, everything including my shooting went on those Black Orcs, killing only 2. Not a good start. I tried my panic spell on the Gobbos but they passed their test.

The Orcs come again, passing all animosity again, they would pass all animosity and fear tests they would have to take in the entire game so I wont even bother mentioning again. Every single one! Organised Orcs!.

The Fanatics killed some Night Gobs, charges from the Black Orcs and Big Uns on my fast cav I fled from, slowing their advance.

I continued to shoot and do a little magic damage to the Orc army for a few turns but most of my magic was shut down, the Fanatics also killed some Orcs and Night Gobs but not many. I continued to bait and flee with my fast cav and skirmishers to stall their advance seeing as though animosity wasnt helping me. All I really managed to achieve though was killing all the Black Orcs and leave Grimgor unwounded.

Forces Finally Clash;

I charged the Squigs on one flank with my Fenbeast and some Night Gobs on the other with another Fenbeast who killed one Wizard. My Maneaters charged the Big Uns but rolled about 5 1's to wound and so lost the combat but held. The Big Uns killed off my Ogres in his turn before I could strike.

Some failed charges from Grimgor and a Chariot let me get a flank charge off on a Chariot with my Marauders and charging Grimgor with my Cursed Company, who had lost a few Skellies to Fanatics. I killed the Chariot and with and Richter challenged Grimgor.

In a display of lucky ward save passing, Richter only took 1 wound and actually got a killing blow wound on Grimgor...the hulking orc passed his ward though. The chariot who I also charged as he was right online with Grimgor broke and failed to rally for the rest of the game. Grimgor passed though despite the Marauders over running into his flank.

In the enemy turn Night Gobs then hit my flank of the Marauders, but I fought it out and held. Richter survived again and delt a wound to Grimgor! but the Grimgor passed his break test again.

My Fenbeast fighting the Squigs finally died after killing a lot of the unit and my Paymaster with the Spear Light Cav charged and broke them. The damage they did from breaking did hurt a few of my units though.

My magic and shooting now focussed on the Big Uns. Bringing them dangerously low.

My Marauders finally broke but the Cursed Company remained above half strength, Richter dying in my last turn.

Result - Draw

Post Game Thoughts;

Because of how much my magic was shut down I didnt kill much with it or my shooting despite slowing the enemy up a lot. Thankfully Richter fought it out manfully with Grimgor and stopped him wrecking my line, I should have broke him but he passed 2 break tests with low rolls. I finished about 250 points ahead so not quite enough for a minor win. I am happy with the result though as I didnt expect to be able to deal with Grimgor once he hit my lines. I was unlucky with my Maneaters not beating those Big Uns but Richter made up for that.

Breaking those Squigs and having them wound a lot of my units with their rampage thing probably cost me the win as my Wizard Lord was out alone and lost 2 wounds because of it.

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