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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dark Elves vs Ogre Kingdoms 1500pts battle report

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"The Cold One Knights declare a charge on the Bulls (Banner) unit which holds. They reach it thanks to the Banner of Murder."

(a brief, concise, factual report)
source : druchii.netcredit : Alkatchoff19-Mar-2009

Please note that my Dark Elf list included everything I owned at the time. It is by no means competitive or as strong as I'd like. It didn't even reach 1500pts!

Dark Elves 1500 points [Ed. almost !] army list

Noble, Seal of Ghrond, Cold One, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Sword of Might (111)

Noble, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Black Amulet, great weapon (134)

5 Dark Riders, musician, repeater crossbows (127)
19 Warriors, shields, standard and musician (167)
10 Warriors, repeater crossbows (110)
5 Cold One Knights, Full Command, Banner of Murder (235)
18 Witch Elves, Full Command, Manbane, War Banner (314)
Cauldron of Blood, Manbane (230)

Points: 1468
Models: 63

Ogre Kingdoms 1500points army list

The Ogre army had (to the best of my recollection) :-
A Bruiser with Wyrdstone Necklace and great weapon
A Butcher
3 Bulls, Banner
3 Bulls, Banner
3 Bulls
5 Ironguts (the bruiser joined this unit)
1 Scrap Launcher
2 Leadbelchers
2 Leadbelchers
1 Maneater with Cathayan Longsword


From Left to right, I had the Witch Elves, Cauldron, Spear Warriors, Cold Ones, Crossbow Warriors and Dark Riders.

The Ogres had 3 Bulls, Butcher, 3 Bulls (Banner), 5 Ironguts+Bruiser, 3 Bulls (Banner), the Maneater, the Scraplauncher, 2 Leadbelchers, 2 Leadbelchers.

Turn 1

DE - I marched the Witch Elves forward, advanced slowly with everything else. The Dark Riders went (too far) on the right flank, to threaten the Leadbelchers. Shooting does nothing.

Ogres - The Army ran forward. The Scraplauncher misses, but the Leabelchers on the far right kill 3 Dark Riders, panicking the unit (I didn't know they could move and shoot!) despite one misfiring and taking 2 wounds. The other Leadbelchers unload on the Cold One Knights and kill 2!

Turn 2

DE - The Cold One Knights declare a charge on the Bulls (Banner) unit which holds. They reach it thanks to the Banner of Murder. The Dark Riders flee off the board (sigh). Everything else moves forward slowly. Shooting does nothing, but in combat, the Knights kill two Ogres, break the unit and overrun into the Maneater! The Cauldron re-rolls really payed off!

Ogres - The unit of 3 Bulls charges the Witch Elves (I thought they'd be out of range). The Ironguts fail their charge on the Spear Warriors. A couple of Spear Warriors die to magic missiles. In the shooting phase, the Scraplauncher misfires and destroys itself. The Leadbelchers reload. In combat, the Bulls slaughter the Witch Elves (6 or 7 die from impact hits + attacks), break them but fail to catch them. The Cold One Knights kill the Maneater.

Turn 3

DE - The Spear Warriors charge the Ironguts (better than taking impact hits), The Cold One Knights hit the other Bull (Banner) unit in the flank and the Witch Elves fail to rally. In shooting the crossbow warriors wipe out the unwounded Leadbelchers (amazing 'to hit' rolls!). The Cold One Knights break the Bulls, run them down and overrun into the Butcher! My Noble with the Spear Elves challenges, and the Bruiser accepts. The Noble deals 2 wounds, takes 2 from the Bruiser and the Black Amulet rebounds 1! The spearmen do nothing, I lose several of them and lose combat by 1. Outnumbered by Fear-causing enemes, I need Insane Courage... and roll Double 1's! Stand and fight!

Ogres - The Bulls run down the fleeing Witch Elves. The Leabelchers advance on the crossbow warriors. They kill 4 of them with cannon fire, but the Warriors hold. In combat, the Cold One Knights whiff and only deal 3 wounds. The butcher kills the 2 remaining Knights and wounds the Noble, but the Noble passes his break test. The Noble with the Warriors fails to finish off the Bruiser and is killed. The Ironguts break the Warriors and run them down.

Turn 4

DE - No movement. The crossbow warriors kill the wounded Leadbelcher. His fellow Ogre passes his panic test. In combat, the Noble kills the Butcher.

Ogres - The Bulls reform to charge the cauldron next turn. The Ironguts charge the crossbow warriors, who flee.

Turn 5

DE - The Cold One Noble rushes to the Cauldron. If the guardians survive the Bull Charge, he'll be able to help in the final turn. The crossbow warriors fail to rally and run off the board.

Ogres - The Bulls charge the Cauldron, the Ironguts take a table quarter. In combat, the Bulls only kill 1 guardian, while the Hag deals 2 wounds.

Turn 6

DE - The Noble charges the flank of the Bulls. In combat, the kills off a Bull, the Hag kills another, but the last one kills the Hag and the last Guardian. The last Bull passes his break test.

Ogres - Straight to combat. The Noble whiffs and the Bull finishes him off.

Final Results

The Ogres have 1 table quarter, 2 Banners and killed my General. They have 1 Leadbelcher, 1 Bull, a Bruiser on 1 wounds and 5 Ironguts left. The DE are wiped out. Major Victory to the Ogres.

This really was a fun game, and quite a learning experience for me. I'd never fought Leadbelchers before, so their move-and-shoot ability really surprised me and cost me the Dark Riders. I should have deployed them on the other flank, but I had fewer units than my opponent, so he could have still countered them. Letting the Witch Elves get charged was a disaster - especially as they couldn't flee! The Cold One Knights really did me proud and really salvaged the game for me. The Cauldron re-rolls really helped them too. I was a little dissapointed that I couldn't finish off the Bruiser, but to be fair I had no business surviving the 1st round of that battle. In the end, I'm fairly pleased with the result (putting aside the total annihilation of my forces).

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