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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wood Elves vs Tomb Kings 4000 points

Tomb King Battle report from the Hierophant's Chronicles :-

"I had a cunning plan to send our charioteers into the wood elf wardancers, so I personally ordered their advance." Zut-Elucarr High Hierophant

(what an awesome Wahammer Battle ground !)

source : : Ra-num05-Feb-2009

The Battlefield

The battlefield for this great battle was done rather well by my wood elf opponnet- Norm. We played on this large battlefield with a deployment zone of a whooping 26 1/2 inches. Damn nice for fleeing wood elves. More room for charging charioteers. We also played with two special features in which we rolled for being six of the different types in the 7th edition rulebook. The ruins were na arcane monolith, the strange statue was an acropolis of heroes. The wood elves won deployment and took the ruins. Funny how we got the strange statue.


We started with a cunning plan, but it kind of did not work out. We thought we where making two really powerful groups of troops, one controlled by my magical power and the other supported by my second fellow priest Zackacoss, in the end we stretched ourselves way too thin. Meaker placed himself and the casket in the far right marsh, a tactic that sounded good at the time. But you try debating anything with Meaker! You may as well try and explain mummification to an elf!!. The wood elves on the other hand deployed very well. This upset me and made me fearful of our great kings judgement. But like always he was not concerned. Oh how much I adore him.

Some peskey waywatchers deployed in the wood behind my force, right at our left flank. Then we placed two tunnelling scorpions Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen, In the centre of the two wood elf lines. And is Icubus just itching for a fight!.

First Turn

Both of our large armies faced each other. the wood elves won the first turn. Their force advanced forward trying to get into close range. Their magic saw nothing special, the free wood moved 2 inches, regeneration was cast with no real effect. Their shooting was impressive, The Kraken was wounded three times, nearly losing his boney form. I motioned to Zackacoss to try to heal the beast, but my fellow priest was distracted by the sheer number of wood elves.

With that it was our turn. I had a cunning plan to send our charioteers into the wood elf wardancers, so I personally ordered their advance. The rest of my force advanced too. Zackacoss and his minor force where getting worried about the numbers they where facing. The Kraken hid behind Coru-son using his size to make him a poor target. Some wood elf riders where tempting our carrion to charge. Zackacoss was clever enough to see through this and advance the carrion forward just enough so he could will them to charge thus stopping them from fleeing with out the birds dining on their tasty bits.

Our magic saw my hopes fall, the wood elves read two dispel scrolls and neally all our efforts where stopped. Even Zackacoss failed. The casket opened with no real effect. Our shooting left few dead. Our catapult was blocked by Coru-son foot and could not draw a line to the hated treekin. So just targetted some other elves and missed.

Second Turn

The wood elves declared charge after charge. Their wild riders and their warhawks came into the doomed charioteers that I, in my higher wisdom moved forward. The unit of waywatchers behind my left flank decided to charge as well but their fear was too much. Thus making them stand and watch this turn. The wood elf riders plucked up the courage to charge with all their might against our carrion. The treekin come down though the free wood with their lord and battlestandard bearers in their eternal guard unit close behind. Even the wild rider from Zackacoss’s flank came over.

Their magic saw much the same nothing really notable. Shooting was same. Battle was forced and we watched with no real surprise at the destruction of our charioteers. The wild riders held their ground and the warhawks overrun into the flank of Ra-atem and his skeletons. The wood elf riders stabbed and kicked but that battle was drawn.

Alas both Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen failed to show from the dark depth. But another cunning plan fell into my mind. I ordered Hor-us the Two Headed to turn behind Ta-mutes tomb guard to get into a good flank charge to those wild riders. Our light horseman charged the wood elf riders and carrion conflict, and hit them squarely in the flank. But without causing a flicker of dought in the riders at all. The rest of our army advanced, even Zackacoss and me pushed forwards. Coru-son happily came forward as well, getting very close to charge the dyrads, knowing the wooded ones could not flee from his charge.

Our magic was, uhh interesting our princes and king ( not oh holy king of course ) rolled really low, at one stage we rolled three ones in a row. Liking this the wood elfs ate it up. Thus only two good charges where completed Hor-us the Two Headed slammed into the flank of those evil chariot killing wild riders, Ta-mute and his tomb guard had no choice but to charge the treekin. Since our plan to send Ra-zem ( a new prince in our realm) with his chariot of fire and his charioteers into the dyrads failed.

Our shooting saw nothing great since our catapult missfired and a crewman was killed by the poor aiming of the thing!. The combat was interesting, Hor-us the Two Headed stomped with all of his might. But alas I think the elves ducked alot, saving alot with their anoying ward saves. That charge was uneventful with a draw, the carrion and the light horseman were more lucky cutting down the riders and overrunning whether our holy king or I liked it or not!

Ta-mutes tomb guard did very well too. Ta-mute with his crook of radiance slayed one treekin himself, with the treekin missing most of their attacks the treekin broke and ran. Ta-mute with his guard cut them down. But er... ended up sticking out of the free wood, looking very worried about the two eternal guard units to their close left flank!. The warhawk riders stabbed and fought and as our skeletons fought back they realised this battle was not for them and dived away to turn to another soft target.

Third Turn

Ahhhh!, the wardancers came charging in against poor Hor-us the Two Headeds flank with their many many bladed attacks. Not allowing Ra-zem and his charioteers to gain a advantage a unit of dyrads charged them with a branchwraith in their number. Damn we were way to close!. The now ready warhawk riders saw our exposed light horseman, and charged them!. oh dear I will not bother reporting that!.

The battlestandard bearer and his eternal guard overcame the terror caused by Hor-us the Two Headed and came forward against me!, I was not worried. The wood elf lord and his eternal guard turned to face Ta-mutes tomb guard stuck quite soundly dead in the free wood.

The dryads seeing Coru-son will soon charge them they too charged into the bone giant, wanting to lock him in a long and time consuming battle. Wood elf magic blasted away. Hitting Ta-mutes tomb guard in the free wood with branches and sticks, which because I could not counter its effect killed alot of tomb guard.

Then one of the wood elf wizards misscasted stopping the rest of their magic and wounding the wizard too, nice. The shooting saw more fire hit the tomb guard killing more, soon the unit lost two ranks.

Combat saw the wardances slashing and stabbing but inflicting nothing and Hor-us the Two Headed stomping back against the poorly ward saved wardances. Even though Hor-us won, nothing broke thanks to the battlestandard. The same was seen with the dyrads against Coru-son, the dyards slammed Ra-zem and his charioteers and a challange between the branchwraith and Ra-zem ended up with the branchwraith wounded beyond hope of survival.

With the blessing of Ra both Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen dug up and saw themselves very nicly placed to charge the nearby wild riders. Hating these things with a vengence they both were very happy to take the command (in fact Icubus was a bit overly excited).

The Kraken saw it’s moment too, charging the dryads around poor Coru-son, hoping to free the gaint from their outnumbered branches. Ra-atem and his skeletons saw the threat of the close dyrad unit and turned to face them, hoping to will itself to charge them and then overrunning into the nearby waywatchers.

Our carrion flew as far as they could to my flank to try and help our cause. Ta-mute and tomb guard turned and tried to move back all they could with out exposing their flank to the lords eternal guard unit.

Our magic saw alot of fighting out of turn but our kings “my will be done” was stopped in its tracks by the wood elves stopping him coming in to Ra-zem aid. Ra-atem was also stopped from running into the dyards. But our casket lashed out and sucked many wood elf archers from the hill, this panicked them see many of their numbers souls being ripped from their bodies and taken back into the beloved casket. They ran past the hill with their wizard following with them.

Our shooting, ended up not doing alot, our catapult fire yet again and over guessed hitting the ground far from anything. Combat saw both bone giants fighting their little wars. The Kraken totally failed to do anything to the dyrads. Both battles ended up drawn out and the only thing notable was the fleeing of the wardances, which as my learned opponent told me was good for him. Now they can rally and charge Hor-us again with plus one strength “oh joy”.

Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen did nothng too, maybe they where both way to eager to shread elven blood. That battle ended with no effect. Ra-zem hung on seeing his last charioteer die but slaying that branchwraith finally, he faced his fate alone against many dyrads, just like a great king of old. At least thing are looking up with one wood elf magic-user dead and one fleeing..

Fourth Turn

Not alot of charges happened this turn, the dyrads seeing Ra-atem and his skeletons would charge them decided quite rightly to come in and attack them!.

The wardances rallied, the fleeing wizard and his few archers must have still been worried about those casket souls getting them! They still routed but luckily not off the battlefield.

The warhawk riders flew in to support the waywatchers.

Magic saw regeneration casted on the dyrads engaging Coru-son and The Kraken, Meaker saw the danger and used his dispel scrolls stopping everything else the wood elves could do, dead in its tracks.

Shooting saw some of my bodyguard killed by the waywatchers arrows, and more of Ta-mutes tomb guard being killed.

Combat was still ongoing. Unfortunately The Kraken fell and Coru-son was wounded to a soon to be destroyed amount. Hor-us still battled too ‘damn these ward saves’. Ra-atem and his skeletons routed the dyrads making them run, but alas it was too far for the skeletons who followed close behind. Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen succeeded this time, killing many of the wild riders and then running them down. We had to roll off the direction of the fleeing wild riders. Luckily they went towards the archer unit that was shooting poor Ta-mutes tomb guard. I could hear Icubuses claws rubbing together. And alas Ra-zem fell to a huge amount of blows from the hated dyads, his curse falling on deaf ears.

Our turn now! Not alot to report Targa the Great and Icubus The Fallen charged the archers with the lord wood elf wizard. They of course fled! Disappointing poor Icubus greatly. Ra-num and his holy guard charged into the dyrads that detroyed Ra-zem, hoping to rout them, run them down and get into combat with the wood elf lord and his unit.

Ra-atem and his skeletons left the fleeing dyads and turned to threaten the nice and jucy waywatchers, and I saw that too. So I moved my unit closer to his hoping that my incantations will have the range needed.

Our magic now went well we healed both bone giants, Coru-son needed that!. Ra-atem and his skeletons went into the waywatchers, they held their ground as usual.

Shooting saw our catapult misfire? But because most of our arrow fire is now gone that was that. Combat saw Ra-num and his holy guard hammer the dyrad, but they did not flee!!!.

Ra-atem and his skeletons were surprised to see a wood elf hero pop out of the waywatchers and he got a lucky hit on Ra-atem (being wounded already in the other melees) the great tomb prince fell. But that did not stop the waywatchers and their hero from fleeing and being cut down by the remaining skeletons. Alas their move did not take them into the warhawks.

Coru-son won his battle and routed the dryads but only running a small three inches after the dyrads they got away. Hor-uses battles still went on, neither side giving any ground.

Fifth Turn

The wood elves counter-attack, their lord and his eternal guard unit charge into what remains of Ta-mutes tomb guard. With a yell the king holds his ground and prepares for a last stand.

The wardancers come in again againts Hor-us. The fleeing wood elf wizards all rally and turn around. The fleeing dyrads rallied.

Magic hits Icubus wounding him greatly, another wood elf miscast happens this one wounds the lord wizard and he forgets that spell.

Shooting sees more shots hitting everywhere but to little effect.

Combat see some strange things indeed. Ra-num and is holy guard hammer the dyrads again killing all but one.. Do they flee!! NO!!.... Insane Courage WHAT!!!.

The wood elf lord and his eternal guard fight to their best against what remains of Ta-mutes tomb guard, but thanks to Ta-mutes crook of radiance he struck out and killed four eternal guard before anyone could strike. The wood elf lord kills the tomb guard champion who accepted his challenge. But the rest of the eternal guard did nothing. battle was lost but not by much and the unit with Ta-mutes remained. The wardancers again stabbed and darted but did nothing to Hor-us at the end the battle was still going.

We charged Coru-son into the rallied dyrads that where fighting him before. Our skeletons turned to take on the dyrads. I move my unit back, as Zackacoss moved forward hoping to hit something with his staff of ravaging that has done nothing at all so far, you know I tell him time and time again that he should remember the range of the thing?

Magic was stopped mostly, no way were the wood elves letting Ra-num get his off.

I did not have alot to do so I healed my bodyguard. The casket went off sucking alot of dyrads from those on our far left flank and taking a few archers again from the second archer unit.

Combat saw Coru-son stomping the dyards into the ground leaving only one left who turned and fled, and again Coru-son rolled very low and stummbled forwards. This time the wardances saw that the end was near and ran from Hor-us as the last of the wild riders fell too.

Of course Ra-num slayed the last remaining dyrad, making damn sure the thing was dead [Ed. Lol, those dryads make good firewood ;) ]. And poor Ta-mute and his guard held on losing all the guard but the standard bearer and Ta-mute.

Sixth Turn

Now the battle come to a close. The warhawks fly behind my bodyguard, the wardancers rally, the lord wizard and his archers enter the building and hold their ground.

Magic sees the end of Icubus The Fallen and Targa the Great was badly wounded from magic and shooting.

Combat did not see alot Ta-mute crumbled the great king holding on the longest he could. The wood elf lords eternal guard seizing their warbanner.

The last turn

I flew out getting myself into a good place to use my powerful incantations. Hor-us turned around to threaten the battlestandard bearers eternal guard and Ra-num and his holy guard moved even closer to his target the wood elf lord. Our carrion flew up hoping to get into flying charge range of one of the wood elf wizards.

In our magic I willed Hor-us into contact with the battlestandard bearers eternal guard getting a nice flank. Also the wood elves could not stop Ra-num and his holy guard from charging his lord and his eternal guard. Alas everything alas was stopped so the carrion did not move.

Shooting, the way the catapualt was going we left it. Concerned that it would just break under the strain, or worse deviate onto our own troops.

Combat Hor-uses holy charge only killed one eternal guard and then he stopped. But the battle between both lords was different. Ra-num ripped his destroyer into the foe cutting elves in half, the holy guard also cut deep into the elven guard. The wood elf counter attack did not do much their lord missing with most of his attacks. At the end the sheer number of Ra-num and his holy guard made these noble wood elves panic and run in fear. No insane courage for them!!. The proud wood elf lord died crying by the hands of our king himself.

At the end the battle was so close. Many of our proud princes and kings fell. But Ra-num was victorious, if only just!!.

Zut-Elucarr High Hierophant

Warhammer Battle Summary

BATTLE RESULT : Minor Victory to Ra-num. 4000pt pitched battle
BATTLE HONORS : Nah not this time.
STOMPER METER : Hor-us stomped and killed 4 wardances, 5 wildriders and 1 eternal guard
Coru-son stomped and killed 8 dyrads
CASKET SOULS : Sucked the souls from 12 wood elf archers and 4 dyrads... Ah cool.
BATTLE NOTES : Great battle Norm J.


Lolz said...

Larger pictures so that you can se whats happening. you should also tell some of you strategy.

Sigmar said...

Thanks for the comments Lolz. I'll take them into account when choosing which battle reports to post here in future.

All the best,

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