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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Skaven vs Wood Elves 2000 pts

warhammer tournament fantasy battle report :-

"The skaven army squeaked as one and swarmed forward" (a short coffee break read)

source : : Silas722-Feb-2009

2000pt Skaven Army list

Grey Seer Z’ym: (dispel scroll, warpstone charm, twisted crown of horned rat, riding a screaming bell).
Grrr!: cheiftan, battle standard, heavy armor, war banner
Hantus: plague priest, flail
Typhus: plague priest, flail

28 clanrats: standard, musician (the bell pushers)
25 clanrats: standard, musician, ratling gun
25 clanrats: standard, musician, ratling gun
3x20 slaves
3x3 poison wind globadiers
3x5 night runners: extra hand weapons, throwing stars
2x19 plague monks: full command
2x5 plague censer bearers
2x3 jezzails (yellow and red team)

2000pts Wood Elves Army list

Highborn (great weapon, rhymer’s harp, annoyance?) noble (bsb), in 22 eternal guard (full command, war banner), 3x10 archers, 3x8 dryads, 2x5 wild riders (full command), 3 treekin, 3 warhawk riders, giant eagle

Mychael handed my High Elves a loss at the Colonial, but he was a great opponent with a beautiful army. I knew I was in for a tough, but fun game.

The game started slowly, our two armies advancing towards each other. I baited some of his wild riders off the left board edge with my night runners, this would keep that nasty cavalry a little further from my flank as I marched more towards the center.

His warhawks charged my seer, wounding him once before they hit and ran. A hail of doom arrow killed 10 slaves on the right and panicked them. His glade guard got in a shooting war with my jezzails, killing one in each team and panicking them off the board. My clanrats charged a nearby eagle and broke it, but failed to catch it. Two units of slaves charge in and tie up his war hawks and his elm dryads.

A huge combat erupted in the center. Willow dryads come to the rescue of the warhawks, breaking the slave unit. The willows would pursue into some night runners, and the warhawks pursue into globadiers. On the right the elm dryads ripped the slaves to shreds and chased through into some more night runners.

On either side of the carnage, the highborn’s eternal guard stared daggers at Z’ym and his bell. Z’ym cast an irresistible plague into the eternal guard, killing seven of them, and spreading it to kill 4 more dryads. Cackling with glee, Z’ym ordered the bell struck…. which promptly blew up, killing Z’ym with it. My rightmost plague monks and censer bearers charged the treekin, breaking them and running them down. My ratling gun blasted four of his birch dryads. The earth grew wet with blood and sap.

On either flank, the wild riders come charging in. My clanrats flee on the left but are run down, and my plague monks on the right are hit in the flank and broken as well. The glade guard shoots all but one of the censer bearers. After killing the night runners, the willow dryads charge a ratling gun and chased it off. The elm dryads tear the night runners into bits, declining to charge the clanrats, who still looked in shock at the ruins of the bell and seer at their feet. Grrr waved his banner and urged them to fight on, in his high pitched voice.

The skaven army squeaked as one and swarmed forward: censer bearers charging the willows, clanrats and plague monks charging into the eternal guard, and the lone blue censer bearer dodge a dozen arrows to charge into the glade guard! The surviving ratling gun roared and mowed down the wild riders that killed their parent unit. The green censers kill seven willow dryads, the last holds. The clanrats and plague monks fail to do a singe wound (!), while the eternal guard and their leaders kill nine rats. Both units break, despite Grr’s frantic flag waving, and the plague monks are run down. The lone censer bearer kills two glade guards, but they hold.

The slaughter continues, but the Asrai’s spirits are rising. His eagle runs down the clanrats that failed to catch him earlier. The wild riders move around to the flank of Grr’s clanrats. The birch dryads charge the censer bearers, killing two before I wipe them all out. Two more glade guard fall to fumes and flail, but they persevere. The elm dryads kills seven clanrats, but can’t overcome the weight of number and banners. With two army standards so close to each other, breaking was unlikely for either side. Covered with the sap of the birch dryads, the green censer bearers charge into the flank of the clanrat fight. Grr sees the waiting wild riders, and high tails it out of the unit into a nearby unit of slaves. The glade guard finally drags down the last blue censer bearer. Three elm dryads fall, along with one clanrat, and the elm dryads are run down and destroyed.

Their victory is short lived. The wild riders charge the flank of the clanrats and scatter them under their spectral hooves. Grr waves his army standard, not in victory, but in defeat. [Ed. Wood Elf army wins the day]

What a slugfest this turned out to be! Mychael was a great opponent, it was nice to fight him w/out any extreme scenario cards in play. There were a few points when dice really let me down; in playing about 20 games with this army the bell only blew up twice. The combat with the eternal guard was disappointing; even a few wounds to them would have made it much easier to hold. I think I played a pretty good game, overall. What do you think?

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