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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Skaven vs Warriors of Chaos 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"Of course I lost the melee by one and was destroyed... The Skaven were back in the game !"
it sounds like the dice gods were busy elsewhere - on a 40k game maybe ;)

source : : Atchman01-Feb-2009
(Warriors of Chaos in this report are 6th Edition Hordes of Chaos)

Well, I got to play against a Skaven army with my Deepstrike Chaos army. I've never seen such mutual annhiliation! There was no mercy from the dice for either side, it was like I was playing against myself!

I'll post up the batrep in the morning, but it was a truly excellent battle on the fun scale. I didn't throw any dice though and I only let a curse slip out once as I rolled 9 times to hit on 4s, missed 7 times, then rolled 2 ones wound to lose my unit. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! Not to mention I didn't realize before the battle that my feared Chaos heroes replaced their greatweapons with nerf bats.

The thing that was bizarre, is that I usually use my magic users to propel my heroes into combat, but against a Skaven army there just weren't any combats where I needed to do that. I mean if a Chaos unit hits a Skaven unit it is pretty much gone.

Regardless, it was an excellent fun battle. I hope all of my battles at the Tennessee Tussle are as fun!

Hordes of Chaos Army List

Exalted Champion, Mark of Tzeentch, Dispel Scroll, Disk of Tzeentch, Halberd, Shield
Aspiring Champion, Great Weapon, Shield, Book of Secrets
Chaos Sorcerer, Level 2, Power Familiar

6 Chosen Chaos Knights, Full Command, War Banner
3 x Chaos Chariot
24 Chaos Marauders, Full Command
5 Marauder Cavalry with Flails, Musician Only
5 hounds
5 hounds

Special Choices:

2 x 4 Minotaurs, Standard Bearers
6 Furies
3 Screamers of Tzeentch

Rare Choices:



My strategy was to not get shot to bits! To that end I took the two flying units, the disk rider, the Aspiring Champion with the Book, and a unit of fast Marauder cavalry. Since I don’t own any herds, I had to compensate with something. I’ve been getting owned the shooting phase and I had to compensate to be competitive. LordKrull from the TWF chat helped me out with my army and I’ve got to admit that it worked better than any Chaos army I’ve used so far.

Skaven Army List

I think he had the following:

Warlord, Bands of Power, Great Weapon
Plague Priest
Stormvermin, Full Command
2 x Clan Rats, Full Command, 2 rattlers
2 x Slaves
Night Runners with Slings
3 Rat Ogre Packs
Plague Monk unit
2 x Tunnel Teams
Warp Lightning Cannon

The Chaos forces moved out first and moved quickly to try and flank the Skaven army. The furies were there to screen the Chosen Knights. Over on the far flank the Marauder Cavalry, a unit of hounds and a chariot tried to do the same thing.

Another view of the action.

The Marauders charged the WLC, which ran off the table. However, it had killed a Marauder cav dude and the Chariot with an S10 hit! The Chaos hound charged the swarms to keep them from attacking my fliers and were annhiliated.

The Chosen Knights charged the Swarms and destroyed them. The Skaven failed to charge the Minotaurs in their turn with a failed fear test. On the far flank the Plague Monks were cleansing that area, first killing the hounds, then the Marauder Cavalry, and eventually the Spawn.

Though the Warlord’s unit failed the charge the Minotaurs, it didn’t prevent a Warp Lightning from killing most of them. At the start of the Chaos turn, I had the ideal situation setup. The Chosen Knights would charge the Rat Ogres, the Chariot and the Furies, the Clan Rats, the other unit of Minotaurs charged the other Clan Rat unit.

Without too much effort the Chosen destroyed the Rat Ogres and overran into the flank of the Warlord’s unit. With impact hits and about 14 dead Clan Rats, the Warlord’s unit fled THIRTEEN INCHES! Oh how lucky, but that is dice sometimes. This allowed the Chariot and Furies to assist the Minotaurs and they destroyed the other unit of Clan Rats. IF I would have caught the Warlord’s unit the game would have been all but over, but it wasn’t to be and the Skaven would claw back.

Holy Smoke! [Ed. Lol, i love it :)]

Last Picture of the Game

The Chaos Marauders with the two remaining Chaos Characters, were charged by the Stormvermin and Gutter Runners. I had an excellent chance to win the melee until the nasty Chaos character only caused a single wound despite FOUR hits. Of course I lost the melee by one and was destroyed. The Skaven were back in the game! Earlier my Disk Rider was killed by the Rat Ogres after causing only a single wound despite having five attacks and despite the fact that the Rat Ogres needed fives and sixes to hit him.

The Skaven Warlord’s unit rallied and I moved my guys in for the kill but got too close. He sounded the charge and impacted my Chosen Knights, which held. The Champion took it for the team, but his teammates went off destroying enough Clan Rats to win the melee. The Warlord held just long enough to get destroyed by the furies, Chaos Chariot, and the Minotaurs. However with his dying swing, the Warlord killed THREE Chosen Knights! Oh the pain and OH how bad can you roll armor saves?

The Minotaurs and Chariot ran down the Skaven. The Chariot destroyed the Gutter Runners, but the Minotaurs were stuck. This allowed the Stormvermin to charge them on turn six. I laughed in glee when they whiffed, then started to cry when I took nine swings, missed seven times, and THEN rolled two ones to wound. If I had done the two wounds I would have at least tied the melee. If you went with the odds, I should have won the melee, but that is how the Atchdice rolled.



Well I took a lot of silly chances and made some mistakes, but I did have fun. The dice were horrible both ways so neither one of us can say they favored one more than the other. It is just rare in a game of Warhammer where you set things up tactically so well and then still get the draw. Hopefully my games at the tourney will be as fun; I just hope I get the playing like a “newb” out of my system.

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