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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Lizardmen vs Dark Elves 2000 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"The hydra advanced menacingly towards the Terradons..."
(matter of fact report, good mapping - make note of the map key & click to enlarge maps)

source : druchii.netcredit : Kulhaq6907-Feb-2009

Dark Elf 2000 pt Army list [incl. map key]

Lord Kulhaq - Master, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, HA, SDC - 114 K (deploys with S2)

Zalsmushi - Lvl 2 Sorceress, Dark Pegasus, Lifetaker, Tome of Furion - 230 Z

Vhylash - Lvl 2 Sorceress, 2 x Dispel scrolls - 185 V

25 warriors, Sp, LA, Sh, FC, Banner of Murder (Lord Kulhaq to deploy with them) - 25 S2
25 warriors, Sp, LA, Sh, FC - 190 S3
20 warriors, Sp, LA, Sh, FC - 155 S1
10 Warriors, RXB, LA, Sh, musician - 116 R
2 Chariots - 200 C1, C2
2 Hydras - 350 HY1, HY2
2 x units of 6 Harpies - 132 H1, H2
6 Shades with GW - 108 S

Lizardmen 2000 pt army list [incl. map key]

Slann Mage Priest, 4th Gen, Plaque of Dominion, Plaque of Tepok - 430 F
(deploys with Temple Guard)

Skink Priest, Lvl 2, Scout - 110 SP

16 Temple Guard, Halberds, Sh, FC - 323 TG
20 Saurus, Hw, Sh, FC - 282 SW1
11 Skinks, javelins and shields - 66 SK1
10 Skinks, javelins and shields, scouts - 70 SK2
10 Skinks, javelins and shields, scouts - 70 SK3
3 Terradons and brave - 115 T
3 Kroxigor - 174 K
Stegadon - 235 ST
3 x Salamanders – 195 SA


We used the terrain generator from WHFB 6th edition for Lustria, with a minimum of 6 pieces of terrain to be placed, to simulate Lord Kulhaq pushing further into the jungles of Lustria. The Lizardmen got to place the first piece of terrain, they are after all fighting in their homeland, and I also allowed him a ‘free’ swamp to be placed after all other terrain had been placed (like the Asrai with their ‘free’ woods).

From Druchii Left to Right starting on Lizardmen side; an area of boulders, then some light jungle with an area of dense jungle behind it, open ground then tall jungle trees, his free swamp with some difficult ground behind it.

On the Druchii side; dense jungle with an open area on the right before some dense jungle forward of the main Druchii position, some difficult ground on the rear of the deployment area and a ruined building on the right flank. Due to the jungle canopies, flying units with US1 would be restricted to flying 15”, other flying models down to 10”, as per the Lustria Campaign book. The RXB were also delayed because they had become lost, and were placed at the rear of the Druchii deployment zone.


Again, both armies deployed using hidden setup, with both generals referring to a rough sketch map of the battlefield. After carefully considering the battlefield, Lord Kulhaq considered the key terrain for deployment and decided the main engagement with the Lizards would be in the big open area on the left side. He deployed HY1 H1 Ch1 Ch2; with S1, Z and S2 behind these units. RXB deployed in one rank alongside Ch2, then H2 behind the dense jungle with the Shades in it. HY2 and S3 secured the right flank just inside of the ruins.

The Lizardmen had been wrong footed again when they discovered the deployment of the Druchii. They had SW1 with SS1 in the boulders, SS2 in the dense jungle facing the CH. The SA deployed just to their left rear, with the ST and TG on the other side of the jungle. The K and SS3 deployed between the swamp and the tall tree, with the T on their far left flank.

Lizard turn 1

Deciding that the Druchii needed to be dealt with quickly, the Lizardmen advanced en mass, with the exception of the ST which ambled forward allowing the Skinks to aim and fire the giant bow mounted on its howdah, they missed! The Slann cast Doom and Despair on Ch2 dropping its LD by -3 and then wounded it with another spell. The SP, which had deployed with SS2, cast Comet of Cassandora in the middle of the Druchii massed left flank, but Vhylash quickly read a Dispel Scroll and the comet dissipated (I wasn’t going to let that spell through again..please see Lord Kulhaq’s 1st battle to see what happened when I didn’t use a Dispel Scroll!).

Druchii (Dark Elves) turn 1

The nauglir of Ch1 went stupid, sensing the SS2 in the jungle to their front, Ch2 managed to control their nauglir and advanced ready to charge into the St.

The lost RXB marched up to their assigned position.

H1 flew directly in from of SS2 to screen HY1 from poisonous javelins, H2 landed between the TG and SS3/K.

HY1 moved up to breath fiery death over the SA, killing 3 handlers and breaking them.

HY2 moved up and engulfed SS3 and the K, killing 3 Skinks and wounding one of the K.

The Sh moved up to the edge of the jungle they had deployed in and killed 3 TG (these guys rock!). No spells were able to be cast, due to the amount of dispel dice the Slann had (6 and he gets +1 to cast and dispel), but Zalsmushi had ‘lifetaker’ and killed 2 SW to her front.

Lizardmen turn 2

The K charged toward the HY2, but it fled (hehehe). The SA rallied and turned to face HY1 (and their doom). All 3 skink units passed their terror tests. T flew behind the ruins, threatening the flank of S3. SW1 advanced and wheeled towards HY1, the ST walked ahead and hit Ch2 with the giant bow, but spear sized missile bounced off the superior construction off the Druchii war machine (I rolled a 6 for its armour save!).

The TG advanced up alongside the reptilian behemoth. The Slann casting Doom and Darkness on the fleeing HY2, but Vhylash managed to dispel the magical concentration required by the giant toad. [ed. tut, tut, what would the Old Ones think !] Without blinking, the toad then cast walking death on the K, making them become terrifying! SS3 killed one Harpy as did SS2 with their poisonous javelins

Druchii turn 2

CH2 charged the ST, but the nauglir of CH1 were hell bent on ripping apart the skinks to their front, their handlers managing to stop them from charging head long into the jungle. H2 charged at SS3, who fled and were overrun, the harpies continued into the K and killed one outright whilst only losing two of their own, but the K held.

S1 turned towards SW1, whilst Zalsmushi, aware of her exposed position flew outside of the charge arc of SW1. S2 moved up behind CH2, and S3 walked towards the combat between H2 and the K. Hy2 managed to rally.

Zalsmushi managed to cast Power of Darkness, but wasn’t able to gain any extra dice (replacing the 2 she had used to cast it, but the Lizards had used 2 dice in an attempt to dispel it and failed). She then successfully cast Bladewind on SS2 and wounded the SP and killed 4 other skinks, they panicked and fled.

Vhylash had had her spells stopped by the Slann’s dispel dice. Zalsmushi then killed 2 skinks from amongst the boulders with ‘lifetaker’, but they held. Tired from being lost and marching previously, the RXB failed to kill any TG, whilst the Shades to their right shot down another 2 TG.

HY1 and H1 killed the remaining skinks and 2 salamanders before breaking and overrunning the last salamander. Ch2 caused 4 unsaved wounds on the ST (the charioteers also caused a wound, but it rolled a 6 and saved the last wound!).

Lizardmen turn 3

SS2 rallied with the jungle, the TG flank charged Ch2, whilst SW1 moved up behind the screening SS1, who had moved out of the boulders.

The giant Toad started to cast Drain Life, which would have affected the SH, RXB, S1 and 2 CH1 and 2; so Vhylash gave all of her concentration to dispelling this magical nightmare and succeeded (she only needed 11 on 4 dice).

2 Warriors from S1 fell victim to poisonous javelins from SS1.

The charioteers from Ch2 aimed a fatal blow at the ST, but the SP had cast 2nd Sign of Amul and managed to temporarily twist time so the blow bounced off the scaly armour of the giant lizard (damn that was so close).

The TG failed to wound Ch2, but due to CR it fled and was destroyed by the pursuing TG and ST (only just). The K finally killed off the Harpies.

Druchii turn 3

S3 charged the K, killing one and losing one of their own, the K fled through the swamp and only just outdistanced the pursuing Druchii.

HY2 advanced menacingly towards the Terradons, and the shades also turned about and raised their wickedly accurate repeater crossbows at the flying lizards. One terradon was killed form the combined fiery breath of the hydra and bolts from the shades, the remainder fled.

S2 followed Lord Kulhaq into a flank charge on the TG, along with Chariot 1, the nauglir finally under control!

Zalsmushi kept her Dark Pegasus out of sight of the SS1 on the opposite side of SW1.

Whilst Harpies 1 moved behind SS1 and Hydra 1 advanced up to the jungle area containing the Skink Priest and SS2, enveloping them in fiery death, leaving only 2 skinks alive in the jungle.

S1 held their ground.

No spells could get through the magical defence of the giant Toad, but lifetaker killed two more skinks in the boulders, which then fled and exposed SW1 front.

The chariot and Lord Kulhaq smashed into the Temple Guard, killing 6, but the stubborn Temple Guard held their ground (if they weren’t stubborn, they faced taking a Break test on -10. Bwahaha, I love charging chariots combined with my Warriors armed with spears!).

Lizardmen turn 4

SW1 charged Spears 1, who held.

The Terradons fled away from the battlefield as the Kroxigor rallied.

The giant Toad attempted to cast drain Life again, but Vhylash used the last Dispel Scroll and drained away the magical energies required to summon death itself.

The Stegadon had moved out from the far flank of the Temple guard and the skink crew aimed the giant bow at the Hydra 1 to their front, only to watch the giant arrow fail to wound the Hydra.

The Saurus Warriors launched their attacks against the Druchii, but failed to kill any (they had 11 attacks, and they had only just been in their charge range by about 5mm), they lost one of their own to the Druchii counter attack but held their ground.

Lord Kulhaq and his bodyguard killed off the remaining Temple Guard, causing the giant Toad to flee through the dense jungle, Chariot in close pursuit, but it managed to avoid taking any damage as the nauglir started crashing through the edge of the jungle.

Druchii turn 4

Spear 3 charged the Kroxigor, who fled voluntarily this time.

Hydra 1 now could see the Slann as it emerged from the jungle and ran it down (Bwahahaha....even 4+ ward saves can’t save you when you are fleeing).

Chariot 1 moved out of the jungle, with some expert manoeuvring as it still took no damage from the jungle terrain.

The RXB reformed to take shots at Saurus Warriors 1 if they ever made it out of HTH combat alive. Spears 2 with Lord Kulhaq reformed to flank charge the Saurus warriors next turn.

Vhylash used the power of darkness to swell her magical attack and cast the Black Horror with irristible force and killed 8 Saurus Warriors (to be honest the Lizardmen had had really bad dice rolls all night, or their gods had just totally forsaken them).

Zalsmushi cast Bladewind on the Stegadon and the magical blades delivered the coup de grace.

The Druchii owned the magic phase again! Harpies 1 charged the Skink Skirmishers 1, who attempted to flee but were destroyed when the Harpies fell upon their backs.

Spears 1 killed no Saurus warriors, who could only kill one of the Druchii in return, but still they held.

Lizardmen turn 5

The Kroxigor rallied in front of Spears 3 who were still mired in the swamp.

The Saurus Warriors wounded 3 Druchii after losing none of their own, but the combination of light armour, shields and swordsmanship saved all but one of the Druchii.

Druchii turn 5

Chariot 1, Spears 2 both charged at the Saurus Warriors who finally panicked and fled, outdistancing all of their pursuers.

Spears 3 attempted a charge against the Kroxigor, but quailed before the fearful creatures, and they slowly started making headway out of the swamp.

Vhylash unleashed the Black Horror again, killing 3 more Saurus warriors, whilst lifetaker killed another 1.

Hydra 1 cleared the jungle of the last 2 Skinks, who had valiantly thrown their javelins against Spears 2 in their turn, but failed to harm any Druchii.

Lizardmen turn 6

The Kroxigor charged Spears 3, whilst the Saurus Warriors failed to rally and fled.

The Kroxigors killed 4 Druchii, who held their ground with spear and shield, killing one of the Kroxigor in return.

Druchii turn 6

Spears 3 easily killed off the last Kroxigor.

Lord Kulhaq victorious again! Victory points 2,670 vs 199, an absolute massacre. [Ed. Ouch !]

After Battle thoughts

The Lizards had been unlucky with their dice rolling, the only time they rolled high numbered dice was the first time the Saurus Warrior were hit with the irrestible Black Horror and lost 8! Otherwise the Saurus Warriors with 11 A either missed or failed to wound, the same with the Kroxigor, until their last charge, they absolutely stuffed up their attacks.

But poor deployment again led to the overall defeat of the Lizardmen, deployed in a wide line across the battlefield, with dense jungle breaking up their ability to support each other.

The Druchii had massed in great strength on the left flank and due to some lucky hits (5 impact hits on the Stegadon which turned into 4 wounds, the 6 Harpies killing 1 Kroxigor; that is 3 wounds on a T4 armour 4+ fear causing lizard!) and casting the Black Horror with devastating effect! The RXB did nothing, but they were there all the same.

The Hydrae performed brilliantly, killing off skinks in jungle, knocking Terradons out of the sky. The Shades earnt their keep, they did kill 5 Temple Guard and helped kill off a Terradon!

I think a couple of little tweaks will be made to this army, Lord Kulhaq swapping his Sword of Might for a normal Halberd and maybe getting Lifetaker. The sorceresses getting a dispel scroll each, one with the Sacrificial dagger (Vhylash) and Zalsmushi keeping Tome of Furion. Have to think about this for a little while though.

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