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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Orcs and Goblins vs Tomb Kings 2500 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"The wolf riders and goblins charge the chariots fighting off the disgusting snotlings" [lol]
(summarised short battle report, great battleground)

source : : oldWitheredCorpse25-Jan-2009

I got to choose sides and first turn. Note that I played with a lot of proxies.

Tomb Kings Army list

(from left to right)
4 Chariots (some are just movement trays)
5 light horsemen (spiders)
3 Chariots + Icon bearer
Tomb scorpion (paper marker), in front of
Casket of Souls (paper, +empire magician)(on hill)
Screaming Scull catapult (on hill) (Imperial cannon, lol) in front of
The Hierophant (magician in blue)
24 Tomb guard + King /w destroyer
20 warriors w/ bows, in front of
6 carrions (3 are paper markers)
3 Chariots (behind trees)

Buried (left to right, paper markers on O&G side)
Tomb scorpion (incomplete model)
2 Swarm bases (paper markers)

Orcs and Goblins Army list

O&G (left to right)
5 wolf riders (out of sight to the left), in front of
5 boar riders (out of sight to the left)
Spear chukka (out of sight to the left)
20 Night goblins w/bows +std (1 fanatic), in front of
10 Black orcs (some scary banner?)
20 Goblins hw/shield +std
26 Orcs choppa/shield full command + black orc bsb (magic sword (best basha?)) + orc shaman (itty ring), in front of
Rock lobbah'
20 Goblins +std + goblin shaman
29 Orcs 2 hw? + black orc warlord (accrit blade)
20 Goblins +std, in front of
Spear chukka
Pump wagon, in front of
10 Orc Big 'Uns (some scary banner?), in front of
Doom Diver
20 Night goblins +std (1 fanatic)
5 wolf riders

6 casting dice
4 dispel dice, 3 dispel scrolls (I think)

The Action...

1st turn TK
I move everything forward. The carrion were placed in the middle until I managed to incant them behind a unit of goblins by the rock lobba. Unfortunately, the fanatic they release is put in front of the two chariot regiments who were supposed to run down that flank, and the crazy night goblin survived my shooting as well. To the left the unit of 3 chariots was squeezed in with a reduced frontage to be able to charge the snotling pump wagon. The catapult burned through half a regiment of goblins that didn't flee. Some orcs in the big regiments were killed by skulls and arrows, which proved practical later. The casket was scrolled.

Most units move forward. The big orc units get some extra push forward, which worked to my advantage later on. His archers squobbled and remained behind the hill. Some units face the threat behind the lines. Shooting and magic: mostly misses and dispelled magic. His doom diver hits my carrion, but score only one wound. The fanatic scatters in my direction, locking the flank.

2nd turn TK
Swarms and Tomb scorpion timely pop up and crush their prey, the carrions wipe the rock lobba and overrun. In the turmoil a fanatic pops out of the squobbling unit of night goblins. Before that, I managed to kill the blocking fanatic in shooting. The casket was dispelled.

The small unit of chariots charges the pump wagon, but fluff everything. They fluff back but the tiny ones hold. The King and his guard charge the orcs with the battle standard bearer. The king swings his blade and kills the bsb in a challenge. The orcs are drained of courage and flee through goblins to be eaten by my carrion.

The fanatic goes poof and the night goblins releasing him refuse to move. His magic phase is uneventful, and to my joy his doom diver scatters away from the casket. He optimistically charges my ranked up archers with his last big unit of orcs and warlord. Bones and colourful bows scatter but some warriors remain when the dust has settled. The wolf riders and goblins charge the chariots fighting off the disgusting snotlings, and break one chariot. On the other flank units move forward. The unit of Big 'Uns is trapped behind the doom diver. A unit of goblins charge my forgotten scorpion in the forest and crumble it a little.

3rd turn TK
On my right flank, I charge a unit of night goblins through the forest and lose one wagon, but the meek goblins wet their pants and I crush them in combat. The goblins, however, have changed their mind about undead and decide to stick around. On the other side of the forest the Icon bearer comes to rescue the scorpion and blows through the goblins. On the other side, my carrion do short work of the doom diver.

In the center, the general and his squadron reform and charge. The orcs duly break and flee, but my pursuit fails with one inch. The casket was dispelled again and I got a direct hit on 5 wolf riders with the catapult without inflicting a single wound, but I blast his orc mage by Vengeance. The greenskins get lucky and kill off the two remaining chariots. In my eager to smite the king I forgot to heal the archers with the standard.

His unit with the warlord rallies, but the Big 'Uns fear my swarm and fail to charge. His boar riders on my right, on the other hand, perform a perfect flank charge on the halted chariots and reduce them to a pile of wood and bone.

The battle ends here due to lack of time. I still scored a solid victory. My opponent did poorly in this tournament - I think his list had too many easily won standards (all the goblin regiments had one). He also had the big disadvantage of being the host with his small kids running around and distracting him much of the time.

The battlefield in the end...

Three things won me the battle: 1. The carrion charge behind his lines in the beginning. 2. The timely and accurate arrival of my buried forces. 3. The King's unit came in a perfect position to beat the bigger orc units, the first by urgency straight ahead and the other one by reforming and charging the flank. My opponent was a veteran but hadn't played much lately and was taken aback by the Destroyer and the Icon of Rakaph.

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John said...

Photos are good, pity its so short

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