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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"...But....he forgets about the Casket.... (ouch!)" (clear maps and friendly commentary)

source : : Zorris27-Jan-2008

Faced off versus a lizardmen player yesterday, and actually had a really good game. It was his first game @ 2250, but had lots of smaller battles under his belt. Only my 5th game with the TK's.

Tomb Kings Army list

Liche High Priest [LHP] + Jar/Cloak/Ankhra
Liche Priest [LP] on Steed plus SoR
LP on Casket
TP on Chariot with Chariot of Fire and Flail
3 Ushabti
25 Skellies w/ HW&S + Champ/Standard/Musician
10 Skellies w/ Bows
10 Skellies w/ Bows
SSC with SotF
3 Chariots w/ Standard and Champ (TP went here)
5 Light Horsemen
7 Heavy Horsemen + Champ (LP on Steed goes here)
Swarm x 2

Lizardmen Army list

Old Blood on Carnosaur
Saurus Chieftan that had lots of attacks
Skink Caster Lvl 2
3 Terradon's
3 Salamanders
3 Krox
3 Krox
15 Skinks
15 Skinks
15 Skinks
15 Saurus Warriors with F/C
15 Saurus Warriors with F/C + BSB (War Banner)

He got first placement, I got first turn.

From my left to right, Light Horse, Heavy Horse, Casket in the back, SSC next to it, Bowmen in front of casket(single rank), Skellies with HW/S in the center of the board with LHP behind them, bowmen(single rank), Ushabti behind the bowmen, Chariots with TP on the far right.

His setup, from my left to right, Skinks with Krox behind, Stegadon, Sallies with Skinks in front, Saurus warriors with saurus character, Old Blood on Carnie in the center of the board, Saurus warriors with BSB, Terradons, Krox with Skinks in front on my far right.

First Turn: TK's
I go first, and move everything up into shooting range, placing my characters in optimal smiting range, and let loose. He dispels my SoR, dispels my smiting of chariot bows (oh noes!), dispels my smiting of the SSC, then I pull both scrolls smiting my SSC twice with HLP. But....he forgets about the Casket.... (ouch!) and it wipes out 5 Skinks on the my far left, breaking the unit, and running them off the board, kills 4 skinks in the middle, breaking them, running them off the board, 3 Saurus warriors, and 4 more skinks on my far right, but that group holds. Now...for shooting, I kill off a few more skinks on my far right, and put a wound on a Krox with my Light Horsemen. My SSC kills a Terradon after a scatter. Thats it for my 1st turn, tough one for him.

First Turn: Lizzies
After the loss of so many skinks, he decides to march his whole army forward. He tries to cast Comet of Cass, but I dispel with ease. He tries to shoot with his Stegadon bolt thrower, but rolls a 1. Thats it for him.

Second Turn: TK's
Scorp and Swarm decide its not time yet to emerge. I move everything back a bit, reforming where needed and delaying the inevitable charge another turn. Get my chariots into position for that oh-so-important flank charge down his line, but still staying out of the Krox's charge range. I then commence with Magic again, SoR puts a wound on a Terradon, and he let's pretty much all the smiting go off, even my catapult. I also urgency my 10 bowmen into this Terradons. I break the skinks on the far right with arrows, which breaks the Krox's, but none go off the table. I manage to put another wound on the Krox's on the far left with my light horsemen. Smited Catapult scatters and kills a saurus warrior. He then throws all his dispel dice at my Casket, which shuts it down. Shooting phase see's my SSC misfire and take itself out for 2 turns, bowmen kill a saurus warrior in the BSB, but nothing else really does much. Close combat see's a tie with the bowmen and terradons.

Second Turn: Lizzies
The Krox, and skinks dont rally on the left side, but stay on the board. He declares a charge with his Old Blood on Carnie, his saurus warriors with character, his saurus warriors with BSB, Kroxies on the left, which all fail by about 1/2 inch excpet for the Old Blood on Carnie, who charges my tarpit HW/S skelly group. Magic is all dispelled. His shooting see's him miss with Steggie bolt thrower, but his sallies ROAST four of my heavy horsemen. Close combat see's him take out 14 HW/S skellies after combat rez, while suffering nothing in return. Ouchie!

Third Turn: TK's - The game winning turn
See'ing this as oppurtunity to pounce since his right flank is all but broken, leaving my chariots wide open, I seize the chance! My Scorp and Swarm decide to stay underground, go figure (double 1's!). I move my 10 bowmen 4 inches forward to his saurus warriors with BSB, line my chariots up on their flank, angle my Ushabti to hit the Old Blood on Carnies flank, move my Light Horsemen on my left, just outta charge arc of the Kroxies, march blocking both Kroxies, and Stegadon. Move my Lich on Steed with H.Horses, behind the only forest, to stay outta LoS of the Sallies and get closer to the middle of the board. Magic Phase see's the SoR going off and doing nothing, Prince Urgency the chariots into the flank and is dispelled, Priest on Steed tries to Urgency the Ushabti, which he tries to dispel, and fails (double 1's!!), Priest on Casket raises 6 skelles in the HW/S block, LHP then tries to Urgency the bowmen into the saurus warriors with BSB which he doesnt stop, then tries to Urgency the Chariots into the flank, which he throws his last dispel dice at, and dispels it. Then out comes the Jar, and you guys know what happens next, Chariots come crashing into the flank. The Casket also goes off, but doesnt hurt anyone due to LoS issues. Light Horsemen shoot, doing nothing, SSC is still outta commission. Close combat see's me break the Saurus warriors with BSB pretty decisively, with the loss of only 2 skellies, with chariots persue'ing, wiping the unit out, and bowmen holding. The Ushabti only manage 3 wounds on the Carnosaur, and he rapes some more skellies, tieing combat. Bowmen and terradons tie combat again.

Third Turn: Lizzies
He rallies his skinks and Krox's on the right side, and angles his Stegadon for a flank shot on my Light horsemen and moves his Krox towards my Casket on the left side of the board. He charges in with his Saurus Warrior character into the Ushabti, HW/S, Old Blood fight, and gets a frontal charge on the Ushabti (kinda a weird charge, but we decided why not, its a friendly game). Turns around his Sallies to try and deal with the chariots who are now behind his lines. Shooting see's his stegadon kill 3 Light Horsemen with his bolt thrower. Combat see's his Saurus Chieftan MISS all his attacks (ouch!) and do nothing. Ushabti then deal 5 more wounds to the Carnosaur, killing it. He kills a few more skellies with his old blood, but not enough to win combat. He loses combat and breaks due to outnumbered by fear causers (lost his terror causing Carnie, hehe), which costs him both characters. He rolls poorly, and my Ushabti catch both characters, running them down, HW/S skellies holding. This put my Ushabti about 2 inches in front of his caster. The terradons finally win their combat, killing all my bowmen and overrunning into my SSC. (Dont think this is right, but not sure).

Fourth Turn: TK's
To make it quick, his caster ran, knocking out most of his dispel ability, I end up getting a charge off of Heavy Cavalry and HW/S skelly flank on his other Saurus warrior block, breaking it. Chariot's get urgencied into his Sallies, breaking them. Casket goes off, and reaks havoc on the rest of his army. He throws the white flag, and we call it a game. Oh yeah, and swarms/scorp finally show up

End of Game Image

Overall, the MVP of the game was probably the light horsemen for holding up 3 Krox's and the Stegadon while the rest of army mopped up. Fun game, and we were both laughing it up, and having a great time. To top it all off, I found out after the game, he was the game store owner, so I bought some paints to make up for walloping. :)

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