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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dark Elves vs Bretonnians 500 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

A massacre that suprised both generals (short but written in a very engaging style)

source : : Exeter13-Jan-2009

If a battle happens and no one is around to roll the dice, does the battle happen?

Yes, its once again time to write up a review of a game. I missed a game write up in there (sorry Nick) but I'll redeem myself by writing the next battle royale. By then you'll have the official WoC book too.

Enough future talk, Back to the present!

So I met Earl last Thursday night across the table. Bretonnians versus Dark Elves….sick.

Dark Elves Army 500 pts

Level 1 Sorceress with sacrificial dagger, spells: chillwind, power of darkness.

3 Dark riders with repeater bows, spears (driders)
2 dark riders with repeater bows, spears (driders)
5 corsairs with hand bows
1 cold one chariot (CoC)
16 warriors with Full Command [FC], spears, LA, and housing the sorceress

And To follow…Earl's list

Bretonnian Army 500 pts

Paladin on horsey

5 Knights of the Realm (KoTR)
4 knights errant
3 mounted Yeomen with bows and spears
10 skirmishing archers….I think
3 archers
3 more archers with LA
1 pegasus knight

The Bretts won the first turn and decided to pray to the lady. Hhahhahaha Lame. She cant save them from me. I sneered. Then I went.

Army deployment

I moved my corsairs, coc, and warriors forward some. My dark riders started circling around terrain. At this point, I honestly had no clue what to do. Shooting saw me kill an archer from the skirmishers and kill 2 archers from the squad on the far left. That lone guy was very angry as all his friends just died. Magic was out of range.

Earl followed with some moves. His kotr and errant knights moved up. The yeomen moved to intercept my dark riders. The skirmishers took position beside the hill and the Pegasus knight hid behind the hill. His shooting saw both driders on the left die and none on the right in a dizzying display of dodginess.

The next turn saw me move my corsairs towards the knights errant. My 3 driders moved to the center tree line in the middle of earls army facing his kotr. Warriors and chariot barely moved. Magic saw chillwind on I think the yeomen. 1 died…somehow 1 was dead at this point. Shooting was meh. Driders killed 1 more archer from the big unit. The corsairs opened fire with half the squad on the knight errant and failed to get through the armour. Forgot to shoot with the chariot.

The Bretts were mighty upset with the dark riders in their danger zone and ran the Yo-men back towards the driders. Even the angry archer moved towards them, ending behind the kotr. The kotr didn't really move and the knights errant held. The pesagus flew over behind the trees on the right. Shooting was probably the most appalling display of ineptitude I have ever seen. They're peasant bowmen…but c'mon, Odds were 4 would manage to wound. Needless to say, everyone in the Bret force with a bow shot at the 3 driders and failed to wound. Wowo! Crazy.

The 3rd turn led off with a charge on the yeomen with the driders. The corsairs got right into the face of the knights errant and the warriors tried to get out of the way of the future overrun of the knights errant. Sup foo?! The coc moved a tiny bit forward. Shooting had the corsairs unload on the knights errant and fail to kill any. Coc shot at the kotr and did nothing. Magic saw chillwind cast with irresistible force on the kotr as they were the only target in range and do nothing. Friggin 2+ armour save! Close combat with the driders saw them toast the yeomen and overrun into the angry archer and the kotr's flank.

Bottom of the 3rd had the Knights errant charged the corsairs. The 3 archers in the middle charged the rear of the driders. The Pegasus knight moved behind the chariot. No shooting. Close combat had the driders kill a knight and the lone angst bowman. In return, 1 drider died. I passed my break test. The knights errant killed 2 corsairs and took no wounds. In a mind boggling moment of inferior logic, I removed the 2 dead models from the corsairs on the wrong side, thus allowing them to pursue my fleeing corsairs right into the flank of my warriors. Just what I was trying to avoid.

The last few turns can be summed up as follows. The Pegasus knight is forgotten about and gets shot at by the coc to no avail. Eventually the CoC charges and it flees off the board. The driders run in the next cc and flee into the woods to be cut down by the archers and knights, who tried to restrain but rolled a 12 for the test. The kotr take a moment to turn around and on turn 6 charge the warriors in the front. The knights errant manage to kill the sorceress eventually, but not before losing 1 of their number. So the final turn with the kotr and paladin hitting the warriors with the knights errant in the flank see 7 warriors die. Break test time, I need a double 1 for insane courage. Toss the dice and up comes snake eyes. In your face Bretts and in your ladies face too.

Battle Summary

The game was really tactical. After talking, Earl agreed that I managed to dictate his maneuvering for the whole game. I felt like I was winning too. He thought the same thing. Unfortunately, I had nothing to back up my fancy moves. His victory points added up to me being massacred, but it was fun. Tense at times. All around it was great. Well done to you Earl (Victory to the Bretonnians).

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