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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dwarfs vs The Empire 2000 points

warhammer fantasy campaign report :-

"Conrad had started to think that the artillery could win the battle for him on their own! "
(superb reporting, good terrain and great painting)

source : marienburgcampaign.comcredit : Conrad Gelburtz (Padre)31-Jan-2009

Having received his first orders from Avermarshall Konig von Kuttenbach of Averland, Conrad Gelburtz gathered up his force from the taverns and inns of Suiddock and led them out of the city early in the morning despite their aching heads. Breakfast was ale and bread, taken in the few rests on the march.

They were heading towards the village of Melik, just north of Westen Kasteel, where there was intelligence of a Sigmarite allied mercenary Dwarfen army moving towards the city itself. The mercenaries were led by a young Lord whose name was unknown to Conrad, but he cared little, for he was confident the fellow would be dead by nightfall.

Ahead lay the battlefield and the village. The latter was empty, as the villagers had heard the blaring of horns and beating of drums and knew full well what was about to happen. They had been expecting trouble what with Westen Kasteel's occupation by the invading Sigmarite armies, and had already been raided twice. All had now fled towards Klessen to hide and await the outcome. The road stretched north-south from one side of the battlefield to the other, with an area of fenland to the west and the village to the east.

Conrad commanded the Tilean Pike regiment, and ordered the Averland Halberdiers to stay on his left flank. Both these regiments moved south across the open fields to the west of the road. The two Handgunner companies were to form the wings of this main body, with one leading the way down the road ahead of Bertrand and the Free Company.

Spotting the hill about the same time as he saw the dwarfen vanguard, Conrad ordered both his cannons to deploy there. Meanwhile he sent his skirmishers through the town – they would spring any traps and then come round on the left flank to support the main attack. The Ogres were instructed to trail behind the two main regiments, ready to deploy on their right flank when there was space.

The dwarfs had brought a lot of firepower – 20 Handgunners, a cannon, 20 Quarrellers and two Bolt Throwers. Conrad cursed himself for not bringing more handgunners (he’d left several companies to guard his fleet). The Dwarfs deployed their strength opposite Conrad’s strong centre, with a regiment of Warriors backed up by a regiment of Hammerers. A company of the dreaded Slayers blocked the road, while the missile troops formed four bodies in a long line, with the war machines spread along it too.

As the Duellists made their cautious way through the village, with the Estalians lagging behind, the cannons both opened fire. Incredibly one of them scored a direct hit on the dwarfen cannon with it’s first shot, destroying it and ensuring that the two main regiments would not have to face the horror of advancing direct towards it’s muzzle.

The army moved forwards as one, with Handgunners and Detachments acting bravely as screens for the main regiments. Conrad had promised the survivors of those companies that received the first enemy shot a double share of the plunder and loot, and with dwarfen handguns and pistols for the taking they were keen.

The Duellists emerged from the village to report that it seemed empty. Old Gisbech, still amongst them, now decided he would enter the house next to him and make his way to the upper storey – from the safety of a window he intended to rain forked lightning down on the foe.

Meanwhile the dwarfs opened fire, though some had moved instead. Their first dose of missiles slew some of the Handgunners on the road and nearly wiped out a detachment. The bolt throwers achieved nothing.

In return the Marienburgers reloaded and fired once more. The two cannons chose to play into the Hammerers and luck smiled on them a second time – in fact they couldn’t believe it. They scored a direct hit on the dwarfen general, and his old warrior guard were too slow to pull him away. The very heart of the dwarfen force, it’s commander, lay dead – and not a sword had yet been drawn!

Notice the hole in the Hammerers?

As the main regiments drew ever closer – both sides, it has to be admitted, moving cautiously, both trying to cover their flanks, both perhaps at heart afraid of the enemies’ firepower – the dwarfs let fly another withering volley. This time they took down an Irongut and more Handgunners. But yet again their bolt throwers merely ploughed their missiles into the soggy ground!

The two skirmishing companies now moved forwards, thought the Estalians still preferred the concealment of the houses and moved parallel to the Duellists but staying with the lane in the village.

Old Gisbech slew three of the Slayers with his magic, and enjoyed the cheer that went up from the boys in the street below – they always loved his firework displays. If only the presence of all those dwarfs wasn’t clouding his thoughts. The cannons thought to join in the fun once again, but this time could only wing the Hammerers. By now the Handgunners on the right flank, in the fen below the hill upon which the artillery stood, had taken shelter among the reeds and bogwort and begun firing out of it at the dwarfen crossbows upon the other side.

Yet again, however, the fighting regiments hesitated, as if both sides were uncertain yet if they had inflicted enough damage on the enemy with their firepower. Conrad had started to think that the artillery could win the battle for him on their own!

When the dwarfs third bout of missile fire was unleashed, Conrad started to realise he needed to get his lads stuck in. Another two Ironguts fell to bolt throwers and crossbows, leaving the lone survivor to break and run in panic!

Now that their protective shield of detachments had been shattered, the halberdiers started to fall to crossbow bolts – and their desperate cry to advance was heard by Conrad and understood. The two armies were now beginning to draw very close …

With a cheer, the Free Company and the Duellists both charged simultaneously into the Slayers – surely their numbers and skill would outmatch the legendary bravery of the crazy dwarfs? While they threw themselves into the battle, the Estalians finally emerged from the village, only to cower behind a stone wall when they saw the Thunderers waiting there on the right flank of the enemy!

As one cannon lobbed a ball into the midst of the dwarfen warriors, the other – its barrel growing hot and it’s crew nervous – misfired. Meanwhile on the road Bertrand was slain and fell in the first moment of the fight, and two more warriors fell from each side. But numbers won out, and the fight went on – favouring Conrad’s brave sailors.

The dwarfs now seemed hesitant, and both their Warriors and their Hammerers started falling backwards – they didn’t want to receive the enemies charge, but yearned somehow to deliver one themselves. Their prayers would not be answered! Meanwhile their Thunderers, Quarrellers and Bolt Throwers started tearing great ragged holes in Conrad’s two main regiments.

Enough was enough, Conrad ordered the charge. Both regiments just made it to the foe and combat was joined.

While they began their fight, the Slayers and Free Company tore into each other, but both sides stood their ground. The Ogre, thinking of his double share and how he would lose it if he fled, decided that he ought to stay after all. He turned around and was soon off to join the Handgunners in the fen were he felt he might be able to sit out the rest of the battle in safety!

The Estalians, suddenly terrified they might be shot at, decided to try their luck against the dwarfen Thunderers. They ran in, taking casualties in the counter-fire, and then conducted themselves as Conrad had seen on many occasions before – they broke and fled. But the left flank was still looking good for the Marienburgers as their Free Company Slew the Dragon Slayer and his last Slayer. In the centre, the Pike got caught up in a bloody, drawn out brawl with the Hammerers while the Halberdiers broke the Dwarfen warriors almost immediately, ran them down and crashed into the Quarrellers behind.

Then, and Conrad cursed for he should have seen it coming, the surviving Quarellers on the left flank of the dwarfs charged into the side of his Pike.

Moments before, on the Marienburgers’ left, the Thunderers fired into the Duellists who were trying to order themselves after the fight against the Slayers. The sudden loss of four comrades struck them hard, and they ran. Realising moment’s later that there was safety in the village, they turned to follow the Estalians in flight down the little lane to the east.

The Free Company tried to reach the same Thunderers before they suffered a similar fate, but their charge failed. Dreading the thought of the Bolt Thrower to their immediate right ripping them in two, they found spirit enough to cheer as a cannon ball bounced up and into the machine, creating a veritable cloud of splinters!

They now stood, bemused (and tired) and wondered it they'd done enough to satisfy their commander.

By now the dwarfs knew the game was up. Even though Conrad himself was wounded, the Pike had held their own against the Hammerers and although they almost broke twice, Conrad’s bravery was just enough to keep them battling.

It was growing dark, and the battle was clearly won. The surviving dwarfs fled the field, Conrad happy to let them fall back unmolested. Victor he might be, but his men were not fit to push on and prolong this fight. And besides, he could hear the thunderous sound of artillery to the south firing at and from the great castle. His men were not ready to join the fray there, yet, at least not now immediately after a battle.

Conrad ordered his army to return to the city. There he would repair and recruit. He needed more soldiers.

SOLID VICTORY for the Marienburg Alliance, in the Westen Kasteel area.

May the gods save Emperor Philip! May Marienburg prosper!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Daemons of Chaos vs The Empire 2000 pts

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"Both my outriders and pistoliers started the game facing backwards to avoid being siren songed" [Ed. hmmm...I'm not sure Sigmar would approve]

(how small mistakes can cost you a lot !)

source : : snail30-Jan-2009

Scenario : Annihilation

Empire Army List

Arch Lector of Sigmar - 324 Pts
Heavy Armour, Shield , The Mace of Helstrum, Van Horstman's Speculum, War Altar

Captain - 155 Pts
Lance; Pistol; Full Plate Armour, Shield, Pegasus, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery, Pegasus

Battle Wizard - 150 Pts
Magic Level 2, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans
Battle Wizard - 150 Pts
Magic Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls

9 Crossbowmen - 115 Pts
Musician, Marksman
5 Free Company

11 Swordsmen - 112 Pts
Musician, Duellist
5 Free Company

5 Knightly Orders - 123 Pts
5 Knightly Orders - 123 Pts

Great Cannon - 100 Pts
Great Cannon - 100 Pts

4 Outriders - 134 Pts
Musician, Champion, Hochland Long Rifle

4 Pistoliers - 114 Pts
Musician, Outrider, Repeater Pistol

1 Steam Tank - 300 Pts

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 6

Models in Army: 67
Total Army Cost: 2000 points

Daemons of Chaos Army List

Keeper of Secrets L1
Herald of Slaanesh BSB with -2 Ld banner
Masque of Slaanesh
13 Daemonettes Full Command (FC)
2 units of horrors
6 flesh hounds
5 furies and
3 fiends of Slaanesh


Book – Burning Gaze and Dazzling Brightness
Sword - Burning Gaze and Dazzling Brightness
Steed of shadows was in the ring.

Chaos Daemons
Keeper – Acquiescence
Herald – Acquiescence


Having played Shanes list which is a lot like this I knew how hard it could be, with 2 siren songs and up to -5 Ld from the banner and Masque I thought I’d have some problems. But I was grateful he only had 1 unit of flesh hounds. I used the wood in my deployment zone to bunker around with the plan being get the war altar into keeper, the stank [Ed. Steam Tank] into the daemonettes and use the knights to screen the flamers. Both my outriders and pistoliers started the game facing backwards to avoid being siren songed (a trick I’d picked up practicing against Shane).

Turn 1

Mark got the first turn then spent a long time deciding if he should ran as fast as he could at me or to take his time, in the end he decided to some straight at me and use the keepers siren song in my turn 1. Apart from his aggressive movement phase not much else happened.

In my turn 1 he used the keepers siren song on my red knights so I sent them in and charged the war altar in as well. I moved my other knights up in the flamers face and the steam tank headed for the daemonettes. The peg captain tried and failed to nick a spell from the horrors and the 2 units of free company ran off to re direct the fiends and flesh hounds while the pistoliers lay in wait for the hounds. In the magic phase I killed the Masque with a burning gaze and the cannons did the odd thing. Combat saw the lector challenge and not pass his Ld to hit the keeper, I won combat but not much happened to the keeper.

Turn 2

Well this turn Mark turned his first turn mistake into a massive brain fart (I’ll explain shortly). He charged his daemonettes into the flank of the war altar and the furies into the steam tank to pin if for a turn, this flesh hounds also charged the free company who fled. He moved the fiends around the hill and the flamers past the knights. Nothing happened in the magic phase and the flamers failed to kill a knight. In combat the lector failed his Ld test again and Mark won combat now was the time for him to reveal his mistake, the knights fled due to combat res but because the war altar is unbreakable it didn’t go anywhere. Mark had completely forgotten this and had put the unit in to give more combat res to break the war altar totally forgetting it was unbreakable and now he had his daemonettes pinned with no real chance of them going anywhere. At least the knights panicked the cannon and crossbows.

In my turn everything rallied and I moved the pistoliers to the flank of the flesh hounds the free company on the right blocked off the fiends and the knights turned around to face the flamers. In the magic phase a cleansing flare from the war altar killed a fiend, some furies, a flamer, some daemonettes and the keeper of secrets. In the shooting phase the cannon that could fire misfired but was ok and shooting took out the last fiend and another flesh hound. Combat saw the lector fail his Ld test to attack the herald in the challenge and the steam tank ran over the furies.

Turn 3

Marks flamers charged the Knights who were stalking them, the flesh hounds pushed on and the horrors jumped out the building to see if they could help. In combat not a lot the knights showed how good a 1+ save is and won combat killing a flamer in the process. The lector didn’t want to attack the herald again so nothing much happened there.

In my turn the steam tank made for the rear of the daemonettes and my red knights moved to block off the flesh hounds. My free company headed for one of marks table quarter and the pistoliers continued to stalk the hounds. Magic cleansing flared some more stuff and by the time the tank finished the poor herald was on his/her own. I think it was at this point Mark shook my hand and we started to add up points (I can’t be sure though as memory is going a bit so if I’ve got it wrong I apologise Mark).

17-0 Win on kill points 2699 VP’s to me 0 VP’s to Mark [Ed. Empire beat Daemons]

Round up...

I think Marks big mistake with the war altar cost him the game in the end but I was very happy with my Empires performance and everything seemed to go very well, I really do think Empire can give daemons a run for their money if used right. Once again Mark was another pleasure to play against and always is.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dogs of War vs Skaven 2000 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"Finally a weakness to exploit! Volands spur their horses and charge into the plague monks flank"

(a bridge crossing to constest in a rare Dogs of War encounter vs lots of clanrats and slaves)

source : : Renaissance Homer29-Jan-2009

Having played less games in 7th edition than most of the others probably have played tournaments in that time I none the less entered Ashes with the hope of at least biting a few kneecaps. [Ed. not feeling too confident with a Dogs of War army then ?!]

I started out as one of 3 DOW players, but at startup suddenly was the only one left! Finding only one quitter I duly grudged him for not playing with the weakest army he could.

Dogs of War Army list

Mercenary General: Pegasus,HA,Shield,Pistol,SoMight,Talisman 194
Mercenary Captain: Pegasus,HA,Shield,Pistol,Lance 117
Paymaster: Barded Warhorse,HA,EShield,Pistol,Lance,Morningstar 96
Hireling Wizard: Lvl2,Dispel Scroll 120

8 Duellists Pistol 72
20 Ricco 300
20 Pike HA,FC 230
2x5Light Cav Spear,Mus 150
6 Volands (Incl, Voland,Mus,Std) 219

20 Norse Marauders, GW,Shield,FC 230
12 Lumpkins Cocks 132
Maneater, HA,GW 90

Halfling Hot Pot 50

Skaven Army List

Warlord @ 174 Pts
HA;Shield,Weeping Blade,The Foul Pendant.
Chieftain @ 99 Pts
HA; Battle Standard,War Banner
Warlock Engineer @ 110 Pts
SWPA;UWEC;Warp Blades,Dispel Scroll
Warlock Engineer @ 60 Pts
Warp Blades

25 Clanrats @ 225 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; FC
Warpfire Thrower
25 Clanrats @ 250 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; FC
Warpfire Thrower
24 Clanrats @ 135 Pts
Standard; Musician
3x20 Clanrat Slaves @ 44 Pts

20 * Stormvermin @ 205 Pts
Standard; Musician; Fangleader
18 Giant Rat Pack @ 90 Pts
3 Packmasters
20 Plague Monks @ 185 pts
2ndWeapon; FC
3 Rat Ogres @ 150 Pts
3 Rat Ogre Packmasters

3x2 Poison Wind Globadiers @ 20 Pts
5 Plague Censer Bearers @ 85 Pts

On to the game.

Scenario was +400 vp for having the objective (yellow cross) at endgame, river was difficult terrain even for those that ignore such.

My mage got Fireball and Wall of fire.

I set up trying to have a flanking force that could hold up and annoy as much as possible on the right, and setting up Volands for some possible charge and pursuit over the river (only way to do it quickly, otherwise extra taxing as frenzied people standing in water were to find out) The rest were to go hold the center.The only thing scaring me in his army was easy panic from the warpfire throwers but that could harldy be deployed against so I just followed my easy plan and watched him pile unit after unit on the other side.

Dogs of War : Turn 1.

I moved everything up, got a Wall of fire off thats scrolled.

The Hot Pot tried to throw soup at the fire thrower to put it out, but hit some clanrats instead.

The right flanking force seemed to be badly outmatched since my Marauders were doggypaddling to slowly, but hoped some baiting and such would keep his units occupied while I took the center.

Skaven Turn 1.

All his forces except the left flank rats went forward, Censer bearer had to frenzy into the water after my captasus.
He blasted all of one light cav regiment away with warp lightning and I make my first of many succesfull ld tests.

DOW Turn 2.

Volands scare away some globes, Maneater copies on other flank. The other Light cav had lost its baiting partner so charged into a slave regiment hoping to break it and get behind the lines.

It draws instead. General charges a slave unit (and stays there until turn 4 hacking through the ranks..) Others move up, marauders keep swimming (Damn xtapl for suggesting starting in water as a quick way over..) Duellists take a wound of the Rat Ogres.

Skaven Turn 2.

Battle is joined! Light cav is punished for their daring, likewise the duellists run from angry Rat Ogres. Riccos are holding the bridge but get a Clanrat regiment in the front.

Stormvermin are too scared to charge the Maneater. In shooting the dreaded warpfire thrower kills 9 pikes! But offcourse I make my panic test...
The Globaidiers are also feeling lucky and kill 2 Venators.

DOW Turn 3.

Little happens, Maneater charge Stormvermin who fail fear again. Captasus charges globes but fail and takes a wound on each part from stand and shoot.

Volands moves to a better position and Duellist rally. Close combats are bloody but even.

Skaven Turn 3.

Rat Ogres into Marauders, Clanrats with BSB and Warlord into decimated Pikes. His Plague Monks and Slaves are treading water.

The Ogres completely miss, and get three wounds back, so finally the marauders get to shallow waters and pursue the Rat Ogres 11 inches into the Slave regiment far ahead!

The Pikes however are broken but flee 1 inch more to safety. Maneater is killed keeping the Stormvermin put. Globes kill another Venator, damn their luck.

DOW Turn 4.

Finally a weakness to exploit! Volands spur their horses and charge into the plague monks flank, sure to break them and overrun into the slaves.

The Pikes with my Paymaster rally. A Warpfire is shot. The frenzied marauders hacks through the slaves breaking them (they continue to flee off the board later).

At last the General breaks his slaves as well, but although Ricco continue to deal pain his troops dont do so well and the center combat continues to another turn.

Skaven Turn 4.

Rats move up. Clanrats charge Pikes yet again. In close combat the clanrats on the bridge are broken at last, the slaves gives Volands a good pursuit towards the Warlords regiment. And the Pikes thankfully hold on their reroll.. Puh. Now to counterattack!

DOW Turn 5.
Captasus charges the Warpfire Thrower, Voland charge the rear of the Clanrats.
The flamethrower is destroyed, but Volands lose a man (as well as Voland taking a wound) so even though I wound his BSB I lose.

Luck smiles on me yet again as both my units hold.

Skaven Turn 5.

His Engineer leaves his clanrats to bait some Marauders. In close combat his BSB is killed, evening out the score so its even easier for me to pass my break test.

DOW Turn 6.

Damage control, Marauders charge engineer who flees, but Cpatasus flies up to redirect from their flank.

The General should have done this on the left flank as well, but somehow the hype had led me to believe that Lumpkins fighting Cocks could take care of the rat packs alone in two turns of shooting with some magic help. So he plays in the water and takes a potshot at the fleeing engineer.

Mage is too cocky as well, tries to cast wall of fire when he could have cast Fireball against only two dispell dice.

Voland is killed but Pikes dont break, was a tie maybe?

Duellists charge Stormvermin in vain hope of great luck, but bounce off.

Skaven Turn 6.

Pike combat stays put even though the warlord moves to the front rank to kill the Paymster, he luckily misses.

Rat packs kills off Lumpkins with little trouble, pursues onto the bridge and ties with Riccos for the objective! Aaargh..

Counting up the points its a very close draw.
Skaven - 1365
DOW - 1476

Bloody fights, fickle luck, even armies.. Fun was had by all.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tomb Kings vs Wood Elves 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

Ouch, a very nasty massacre ! (nicely summarised by turn/phase)

source : : Sepulcher28-Jan-2009

Tomb Kings Army

King - Flail of Skulls, Cloak
Hiero - Jar, Scroll
Priest - Steed, SoR
Priest - Steed, 2 Scrolls

2 x 25 Archers - Command, 1 with BotUL
2 x 3 Chariots - Banners, 1 with War Banner
6 Light Horsemen
2 Scorpions
5 Carrion
21 Tomb Guard - Command, IotSE

Wood Elves Army

The Swiftleaf Vanguard

Calariel Swiftleaf - Lord on Pony, Bow, Spear, Light Armor, Shield, Harp (gave him and his unit a 5+ Ward)
Starys Swiftleaf - Noble on Stag, Bow, Spear, Magic Armor (Light Armor, gives Regen), Kindred allowing him to join Wild Riders.
Aryja Windsong - Level 2 mage with 2 scrolls and bow. Rolled the Regen spell and the spell that makes a unit cause Fear or Terror.

10 Glade Guard
3 x 10 Dryads
2 x 10 War Dancers
5 Wild Riders
30 Eternal Guard
6 Way Watchers

Terrain comprised of 2 small hills, 3 forests, and a small house. The Wood Elf deployment, from left to right was: A unit of Dryads, War Dancers behind, his Eternal Guard block with Lord and Mage in it, more Dryads, more War Dancers, his Glade Guard on the small hill, another unit of Dryads in front, and then his unit of 5 Wild Riders with accompanying hero on Stag on the flank. Last he setup his Way Watcher scouts nearby the forest.

My deployment, from left to right, is regular Chariot unit, War Banner Chariot unit, 6 Horsemen with Priest behind on the hill, 25 Archers with Priest, Tomb Guard with King, 25 Archers with BotUL and Heiro, Carrion behind, and a Scorpion to watch the flank. I burried my 2nd Scorpion near his Glade Guard in case the Carrion couldn't deal with them.


Calariel stood looking out at the mid day sun. "Beautiful" he thought. The snap of a small branch quickly moved his attention to his left. It was his brother, Starys, back from his scouting run with the Wild Riders. Giving a quick but respectful bow, Starys began his report.

"It looks as if the whisperings of the trees were right, brother. There is some sort of foul Undead host making it's way towards our land. Nothing good in their intent, I'm sure."

Calariel took pause for but a moment before ordering his vanguard to be assembled. He did not know what these Undead were up to, but he would not see his forests despoiled by their necromantic powers.
Calariel looked out towards the sun and then back at his brother, "We will try to stop them before they enter our forests - if we can not stop them, then we will fall back into the woods and ask the forest spirits for help." Calarield sighed, "Pray it does not come to that."

Turn 1:

I won the roll for 1st move and chose to take it, wanting to get as many shots in as possible before making it into combat with my ranked units. I advanced all my units up a few inches. My War Chariots advancing, ready to charge anything that got too close. My Scorpion went towards the right table edge, determined on holding up the Wild Riders on the flank. My Carrion flew up ahead of my Heiro ready to fly after his Glade Guard.

For Magic I attempted a few Smiting incantations and managed to draw out both scrolls. So I opened the Jar and charged his Glade Guard with my Carrion. He passed his Fear test and killed a bird with his Stand and Shoot.
Shooting was fruitless. Even though I advanced he had deployed a few inches behind his 12" line... clever.

In Combat my Carrion did an outstanding 5 wounds, taking 1 in return. The Glade Guard failed their break test and ran off the board. I persued but rolled a meager 5" - just enough to get them behind his small hill.

Aryja doubled over in pain as she was overcome by the 3 Liche Priests chanting in unison - they were too much for her, she would not be able to stop all of the foul magics moving the Undead. Calariel knew his forces were now at a disadvantage. He had to close on the Undead as fast as possible. What was left of his Archers were now falling back and were of no more use. Sounding his horn, the Elven vanguard advanced steadily under the hail of magically blessed arrows.

On the Elf half, everything moved forward as far as it could. A couple units were now marchblocked by my Carrion, giving me extra time to shoot them as they advanced. His Wild Riders went their full 18" and aligned themselves to charge my Archers next turn.

In Magic he made his Eternal Guard cause Fear - I was unable to dispel it on 3 dice.
Shooting didn't do much since all he had were his characters and Way Watchers. His Lord and Mage picked off 2 Skeletons and the few Way Watchers that had LOS also picked another 2 off.

Turn 2:

My Scorpion pops up this turn but misfires, allowing my opponent to put the token anywhere. He pops up behind my BotUL Archers near the board edge.
I declared a charge with my War Chariots into his Dryads, and my Scorpion on the flank at his Wild Riders.

For remaining moves I flew my King out towards the Wild Riders to hopefully magic move him into the combat. My normal Chariot unit moved out of LOS behind the building, ready for a flank charge next turn. My Carrion flew in just behind his Eternal Guard to march-block for another turn.

In the magic phase, he let my King charge himself into combat, opting to stop the bowshots. My SoR got through and killed 2 of his Dryads near the building. Smiting saw a few Eternal Guard dropped from mass bow fire. The Heiro did the same and the BotUL Archers dropped a single Dryad from the unit ahead of them.

Shooting phase I targeted his Way Watchers and killed 4, panicing the unit (love always hit on 5+). My BotUL Archers failed to kill more Dryads.

In combat, my King issued a challenge and his hero accepted. I made a mistake and didn't swing at the Stag - instead putting 1 wound on the hero which was Regen'd. His hero whiffs but the Stag puts a wound on my King! The Scorpion gets nothing, but his returning Wild Riders whiff as well. I lose by 2 and my King is hanging on by a thread. My War Chariots drop 8 of the 10 Dryads and the remaining 2 flee, I persue, catch them, and just manage to clip a War Dancer, so they line up to me. His Eternal Guard makes the Panic check.

Calariel was growing worried. The magics of the Liche Priests were too much for Aryja to handle alone and the Undead were running rampant across his lines. He had also lost sight of his brother Starys, who had led his unit around a forest on the far flank. Calariel prayed Starys was alright. His Scouts were falling back in a panic - the ranged weapons and magics from the Undead were proving deadly. His Elves had to close the gap! Blowing his horn once more the Elves made another rush towards the Undead ranks.

The Wood Elves start by charging his War Dancers at my Carrion. Everything else advanced half movement due to march blocking. His Dryads towards the middle decided to go help the Wild Riders and marched off in that direction. The Way Watchers failed to rally and continued running towards the table edge.

In magic, his mage didn't cast anything succesfully.

Shooting sees a couple more Archers killed from his 2 characters.

In combat, his War Dancers did the extra attack dance. Doing a whopping 30 attacks and wounding with 15! He overran towards the hill in his deployment zone.

My War Chariots butcher his other War Dancer unit, persuing and running the rest down. The persuit move putting me close to his overrunning War Dancers. Last, in the challenge, his hero and stag swing before me, but surprisingly (and very luckily) do no wounds. I wise up and swing at his mount, doing 3 wounds. (Correct me if I'm wrong but I counted it as 6 wounds for CR because I was in a challenge [overkill + Flail of Skulls]). The Scorpion does no wounds and his Wild Riders whiff as well. The unit loses by enough and they break, fleeing off the board, along with my King.

Turn 3:

My normal Chariots charged his exposed Dryads, hoping to blow through and hit the Eternal Guard on the flank. My King returned to the board and flew towards my War Chariots, who had repositioned to face the War Dancers (who were just out of LOS for a declared charge). My Scorpion retreated back to my deployment zone, while the other one moved up behind my Guard - who were also heading towards his Eternal Guard. My Horsemen moved a few inches back to be safe.

In the magic phase the King moved himself closer to the Chariots and further from the looming Dryads. He then tried to move the War Chariots but rolled a meager 1... (drat!) being dispelled easily and leaving the War Chariots vulnerable to a War Dancer charge. My Heiro healed up the Scorpion who had retreated back. And between the SoR and Smiting bow shots I did something like 17 wounds to his Eternal Guard, which he saved all but 2. Stupid Harp :(

Shooting phase was a bit better and 4 more Eternal Guard are dropped by Archers. The BotUL Archers drop 3 Dryads.

In combat my Chariots do a decent amount of wounds but he is spot on with his Wards, only losing 4 Dyrads. He does a wound in return and manages to pass the break test with his Lord nearby.

Caladriel glanced up at the sun as he had earlier in the day, but this time it was darkened by the constant hail of arrows raining down on his bodyguard. The magical harp he carried kept many of the arrows from finding a mark - Caladriel thankful he had brought it along. A few minutes earlier, one of his runners had reported that Starys failed to break through on the right flank and was now fleeing the field.

"We must break through the center!" Caladriel angrily shouted as he made one last push towards the Undead lines. His bodyguard followed suit, knowing that if they did not succeed here, they would have to fall back to the forests in defeat...

As expecting, his War Dancers charged my War Chariots and his Eternal Guard made a last ditch effort at my Archers. I hoped they'd tough it out and my Tomb Guard would be able to flank them in my turn. He finally rallies his fleeing Way Watchers. Lastly, his Dryads move in closer to my Scorpion.

His magic was again unable to get past my dispel dice. With no shooting we went into combat.

His Dryads did another wound to my Chariots who do a wound back. The Dryads hold again. His Eternal Guard and heros do an impressive amount of wounds and after the dust clears there are 8 Skeletons still fighting on. Meanwhile his War Dancers do the extra attack dance and do 6 wounds to my Chariots. I do a wound in return which gets saved and the last Chariot crumbles under the weight of numbers.

Turn 4:

I get greedy and charge my right flank Scorpion into his Dryads, thinking I could do a couple wounds. My King flew in to rejoin the Tomb Guard.

In the magic phase my King magic'd the Tomb Guard into the Eternal Guards flank. My nearby Priests focus on raising to the Archer unit, bring back 12.

Shooting sees my BotUL drop 3 War Dancers.

In combat I easily break the Eternal Guard who flee. My Guard catches them and scatters them to the wind. My Scorpion only does 1 wound and takes 1 in return, CR see it with just a single wound left. And without the Lord nearby his Dryads finally break and I run them down.

At this point my opponent opted to just end it. I told him to play out his turn, which consisted of him killing my wounded Scorpion, giving him a few more points.

Panting heavily, Caladriel looked back at the Undead army, who were giving chase as best they could through the thick forests. "Summon the forest spirits and ask for help against these Undead," Caladriel ordered his brother. "We were unable to do our duty and can not hold the line alone." Starys, eager to redeem himself, nodded grimly and rode off towards the thicker part of the forest. Great shame was brought to the Swiftleaf kindred this day and Caladriel vowed to redeem himself and his family name against the Undead - even if it cost him his life...


Sooo, another game against Wood Elves but with a dramtically different result. The last game was against a very shooty list where I had my ass handed to me. While this certainly wasn't the hardest Wood Elf list out there (no Treemen and light shooting) it still had it's threats.

Ultimately though, it was just a bad match up for his army. It was primarily close combat orientated and didn't have alot to deal with my shooting. He played a great game though, and had his Eternal Guard been able to overrun past my Archers, he might've had a different ending.

This was a game where everything in my list performed with stellar results... except for my Scorpion... it seems I had terrible luck with those misfires, and if I don't bury them, they suck when I manage to get them into combat. But they have their purposes I suppose, plus they are only 170 points.. so I don't think I'll be dropping them. I did really enjoy the games where I played with 3, but I just can't see myself without Carrion or the Tomb Guard.

Anyways, if you read this far, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, Sepulcher.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings 2250 points

warhammer fantasy battle report :-

"...But....he forgets about the Casket.... (ouch!)" (clear maps and friendly commentary)

source : : Zorris27-Jan-2008

Faced off versus a lizardmen player yesterday, and actually had a really good game. It was his first game @ 2250, but had lots of smaller battles under his belt. Only my 5th game with the TK's.

Tomb Kings Army list

Liche High Priest [LHP] + Jar/Cloak/Ankhra
Liche Priest [LP] on Steed plus SoR
LP on Casket
TP on Chariot with Chariot of Fire and Flail
3 Ushabti
25 Skellies w/ HW&S + Champ/Standard/Musician
10 Skellies w/ Bows
10 Skellies w/ Bows
SSC with SotF
3 Chariots w/ Standard and Champ (TP went here)
5 Light Horsemen
7 Heavy Horsemen + Champ (LP on Steed goes here)
Swarm x 2

Lizardmen Army list

Old Blood on Carnosaur
Saurus Chieftan that had lots of attacks
Skink Caster Lvl 2
3 Terradon's
3 Salamanders
3 Krox
3 Krox
15 Skinks
15 Skinks
15 Skinks
15 Saurus Warriors with F/C
15 Saurus Warriors with F/C + BSB (War Banner)

He got first placement, I got first turn.

From my left to right, Light Horse, Heavy Horse, Casket in the back, SSC next to it, Bowmen in front of casket(single rank), Skellies with HW/S in the center of the board with LHP behind them, bowmen(single rank), Ushabti behind the bowmen, Chariots with TP on the far right.

His setup, from my left to right, Skinks with Krox behind, Stegadon, Sallies with Skinks in front, Saurus warriors with saurus character, Old Blood on Carnie in the center of the board, Saurus warriors with BSB, Terradons, Krox with Skinks in front on my far right.

First Turn: TK's
I go first, and move everything up into shooting range, placing my characters in optimal smiting range, and let loose. He dispels my SoR, dispels my smiting of chariot bows (oh noes!), dispels my smiting of the SSC, then I pull both scrolls smiting my SSC twice with HLP. But....he forgets about the Casket.... (ouch!) and it wipes out 5 Skinks on the my far left, breaking the unit, and running them off the board, kills 4 skinks in the middle, breaking them, running them off the board, 3 Saurus warriors, and 4 more skinks on my far right, but that group holds. Now...for shooting, I kill off a few more skinks on my far right, and put a wound on a Krox with my Light Horsemen. My SSC kills a Terradon after a scatter. Thats it for my 1st turn, tough one for him.

First Turn: Lizzies
After the loss of so many skinks, he decides to march his whole army forward. He tries to cast Comet of Cass, but I dispel with ease. He tries to shoot with his Stegadon bolt thrower, but rolls a 1. Thats it for him.

Second Turn: TK's
Scorp and Swarm decide its not time yet to emerge. I move everything back a bit, reforming where needed and delaying the inevitable charge another turn. Get my chariots into position for that oh-so-important flank charge down his line, but still staying out of the Krox's charge range. I then commence with Magic again, SoR puts a wound on a Terradon, and he let's pretty much all the smiting go off, even my catapult. I also urgency my 10 bowmen into this Terradons. I break the skinks on the far right with arrows, which breaks the Krox's, but none go off the table. I manage to put another wound on the Krox's on the far left with my light horsemen. Smited Catapult scatters and kills a saurus warrior. He then throws all his dispel dice at my Casket, which shuts it down. Shooting phase see's my SSC misfire and take itself out for 2 turns, bowmen kill a saurus warrior in the BSB, but nothing else really does much. Close combat see's a tie with the bowmen and terradons.

Second Turn: Lizzies
The Krox, and skinks dont rally on the left side, but stay on the board. He declares a charge with his Old Blood on Carnie, his saurus warriors with character, his saurus warriors with BSB, Kroxies on the left, which all fail by about 1/2 inch excpet for the Old Blood on Carnie, who charges my tarpit HW/S skelly group. Magic is all dispelled. His shooting see's him miss with Steggie bolt thrower, but his sallies ROAST four of my heavy horsemen. Close combat see's him take out 14 HW/S skellies after combat rez, while suffering nothing in return. Ouchie!

Third Turn: TK's - The game winning turn
See'ing this as oppurtunity to pounce since his right flank is all but broken, leaving my chariots wide open, I seize the chance! My Scorp and Swarm decide to stay underground, go figure (double 1's!). I move my 10 bowmen 4 inches forward to his saurus warriors with BSB, line my chariots up on their flank, angle my Ushabti to hit the Old Blood on Carnies flank, move my Light Horsemen on my left, just outta charge arc of the Kroxies, march blocking both Kroxies, and Stegadon. Move my Lich on Steed with H.Horses, behind the only forest, to stay outta LoS of the Sallies and get closer to the middle of the board. Magic Phase see's the SoR going off and doing nothing, Prince Urgency the chariots into the flank and is dispelled, Priest on Steed tries to Urgency the Ushabti, which he tries to dispel, and fails (double 1's!!), Priest on Casket raises 6 skelles in the HW/S block, LHP then tries to Urgency the bowmen into the saurus warriors with BSB which he doesnt stop, then tries to Urgency the Chariots into the flank, which he throws his last dispel dice at, and dispels it. Then out comes the Jar, and you guys know what happens next, Chariots come crashing into the flank. The Casket also goes off, but doesnt hurt anyone due to LoS issues. Light Horsemen shoot, doing nothing, SSC is still outta commission. Close combat see's me break the Saurus warriors with BSB pretty decisively, with the loss of only 2 skellies, with chariots persue'ing, wiping the unit out, and bowmen holding. The Ushabti only manage 3 wounds on the Carnosaur, and he rapes some more skellies, tieing combat. Bowmen and terradons tie combat again.

Third Turn: Lizzies
He rallies his skinks and Krox's on the right side, and angles his Stegadon for a flank shot on my Light horsemen and moves his Krox towards my Casket on the left side of the board. He charges in with his Saurus Warrior character into the Ushabti, HW/S, Old Blood fight, and gets a frontal charge on the Ushabti (kinda a weird charge, but we decided why not, its a friendly game). Turns around his Sallies to try and deal with the chariots who are now behind his lines. Shooting see's his stegadon kill 3 Light Horsemen with his bolt thrower. Combat see's his Saurus Chieftan MISS all his attacks (ouch!) and do nothing. Ushabti then deal 5 more wounds to the Carnosaur, killing it. He kills a few more skellies with his old blood, but not enough to win combat. He loses combat and breaks due to outnumbered by fear causers (lost his terror causing Carnie, hehe), which costs him both characters. He rolls poorly, and my Ushabti catch both characters, running them down, HW/S skellies holding. This put my Ushabti about 2 inches in front of his caster. The terradons finally win their combat, killing all my bowmen and overrunning into my SSC. (Dont think this is right, but not sure).

Fourth Turn: TK's
To make it quick, his caster ran, knocking out most of his dispel ability, I end up getting a charge off of Heavy Cavalry and HW/S skelly flank on his other Saurus warrior block, breaking it. Chariot's get urgencied into his Sallies, breaking them. Casket goes off, and reaks havoc on the rest of his army. He throws the white flag, and we call it a game. Oh yeah, and swarms/scorp finally show up

End of Game Image

Overall, the MVP of the game was probably the light horsemen for holding up 3 Krox's and the Stegadon while the rest of army mopped up. Fun game, and we were both laughing it up, and having a great time. To top it all off, I found out after the game, he was the game store owner, so I bought some paints to make up for walloping. :)
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