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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bretonnians vs Daemons of Chaos 2000 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Bloodthirster vs General on Hippogryph ! (a quick "work friendly read" ie. without pictures)

source : roundtable-bretonnia.orgcredit : Swissdictator23-Dec-2008

Bretonnian Army list:

General on Hippogryph
Autohit lance, Enchanted Shield, and vow allowing rerolls of hit/wound rolls in challanges.

Battle Standard Bearer
Gromril Great Helm
Mantle of Damsel Elena

Grail Vow
Lance of Artois
Virtue of the Joust

Damsel (White Horse) (Goes to Grail Knights)
Lvl 2. 2 Dispell Scrolls.

Damsel (Gray Horse) (Knights of the Realm)
Lvl 2, Mantle of the Purebreed.

8 Knights of the Realm with Full Command (FC)
I think I might have had twilight banner.

8 Knights Errant FC Warbanner
6 Questing Knights FC
6 Grail Knights FC

I had 3 Pegasus knights, fc.

16 Archers or so skirmishing with flaming attacks. Musician.


I may or may not be forgetting something. My memory is a little sketchy and I have changed the list a bit. I could've added a scroll on the above list or forgot barding on a damsel.

Daemons of Chaos Army list

MR booster, I think one gift game him flaming attacks. Can't remember. Still nasty.

Herald Battle Standard Bearer with stubborn banner. khorne.

Large block of Bloodletters (at least 24). FC.
Large block of Bloodletters. FC
18 Daemonettes, FC.
10 Horrors.
2 Bloodcrushers.
7 Furies.
5 Fleshounds.

I already knew the stubborn Battle Standard Bearer (bsb) would be a big pain for me, as it'd make it harder to dissolve the demons. So I decided my general was the best shot as I really only need to cause two wounds. In a challenge I have rerolls to wound on him, with autohits, so it shouldn't be to hard.

I prayed, of course, and he goes first.

Chaos Daemons - Turn 1
He storms ahead though I correctly guessed it was outside my charge range. He moves the fleshounds where they are to my left, but not able to charge my flank at all... though prepping for a later one. His minimal magic from the horrors is harmless.

Bretonnians - Turn 1
I move forward enough where backtracking won't get him out of charge range. My Pegasus knights charge the flesh hounds and do some damage, but they survive on general's leadership. My general preps to charge against BSB's unit with Grail Knights.

Chaos Daemons - turn 2
Bloodthirster charges the Pegasus knights on the flanks. They quickly become toast. His army doesn't move much, except for the furies and daemonettes. He puts his Daemonettes at an angle to refuse the flank, though this has some benefits for him he did not see later.

Bretonnians - Turn 2
I get all my charges off. Grail Knights and general into One bloodletter unit. Questing Knights and Knights Errant into the other. Knights of the Realm into the Daemonettes. Knights of the Realm had rubber lances. 5 hits and I roll all ones. Ugh. Horses did minor damage. Tie.

The other fights fare much better. In the more important fight, the general's challenge is accepted by a bloodletter champion. The coward! Of course the champion is turned to paste as I do more damage then I can get from overkill. The Grail Knights rolled rather well, though my opponent made a remarkable number of ward saves. The Paladin did a fair amount of damage, as did the horses! My lady the Horses did the most damage. 5 wounds from horses! All in all he lost a little over a rank and his champion. Stubborn banner saves him big time. No casualties on my end. Interestingly he rolled double 6's and then double 1's with the BSB reroll. Later we had a round of shots in honor of that.

Other combat results in about the same level of victory. Also no casualties for me.

Continued shooting from my archers is hurting the horrors.

Both Armies - Turn 3
Dan charged his bloodthirster into the Pegasus knights that rallied (the Pegasus knight that is).

He moves his bloodthirster into a position to support the other combats on his next turn.

Protacted combats:-

Knights of the Realm I end up running as I lost one knight and they outnumber by one.

General's combat has him challenge again, bloodcrusher (in base contact with general) accepts and is promptly pounded on (one wound left on him of four) Bloodcrushers do little damage, ward saves bail me out. Two grail knights kill the other bloodcrusher. Paladin, Grail champ, and grail knight do a fair amount of damage to the bloodletters, but my allocated attacks on the BSB didn't do so well due to his demon saves. Horses also do damage thankfully. He loses a little under a rank in total. Again, his stubborn banner saves him.

Other combat, I lose a knights errant, but the questing knights keep saving me. As does the BSB, warbanner, banner combo. High S attack from bloodletters are giving me 5+ wards left and right. I love it..

The furies had charged the trebuchet, won, and over ran.

Knights of the Realm rally. My peasants pass the fear test to charge the furies. The furies die easily.

General finishes killing the Bloodcrusher champ. Grail knights kill the last bloodcrusher. Minor damage done to the front. Grail knight died.

Other protracted combat is desultory. Nothing major except a few dead demons and his being stubborn saving him. Though he has generally been taking his rolls of eight and accepting one dead from demon crumble.

Both Armies - Turn four
Daemonettes charge KoR supported by flesh hounds. Bloodthirster moves to charge the Knights Errant/Questing Knights in the rear.

He charges his bloodthirster into the rear of the Questing/Errant combat. I barely meek out a win because the BT whiffed (two wounds, one of which I saved with a ward) and my banners. Plus I was able to kill a few bloodletters, enough to matter. One more Bloodletter dies from demonic check.

Other combat. The General FINALLY gets to beat on the BSB. I don't do a lot of damage for overkill in the challenge, but the grail knights and paladin do a fair amount of damage. Two or three bloodletters remain after Demonic check.

My general moves to be able charge bloodthirster as he is no longer in base contact with bloodletters. Grail knights finish off the one unit. The other combat I pull of a draw, though I lose some more knights.

Both Armies - Turn 5
Dan's Daemonettes and flesh hounds come back on the table. Bloodthirster kills another two knights, my saves keep bailing me out, that and the fact I seem to be able to kill enough bloodletters to tie or win by 1.

General, albeit it wounded, charges the bloodthirster. The blood thirster, already has a few wounds on it as I was able to roll high enough to get a few spells off on him. He had two wounds left, my general had one. I manage to kill the Bloodthirster with an overkill. The other bloodletter unit crumbles.

Continued shooting from the peasant archers has rendered the Horrors ineffective.

Both Armies - Turn 6
Dan moves his Daemonettes up, and charges the flesh hounds (now only two) into the general.

One wound one the general gets through. Though the Flesh hounds are killed by the mount.

I turn to face the demonettes and finish of the horrors with the peasant archers.

A solid victory in the end for the Brets!

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