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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Beasts of Chaos vs Lizardmen 2000 points

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

Keep the faith - even if one of your best units is wiped out !
(useful battle maps - click to enlarge them)

source : battlereporter.freeforums.orgcredit : Kiour_gr19-Dec-2008

I was playing a Kroq-Gar army with 4 units of cold ones 1 unit of salamanders , chameleon skinks and skinks. 1 saurus on cold one and a lvl1 skink priest.

My opponent is playing some sort of draconic beastmen, a beastmen army
with dragon like theme. His giant had scales and he used saurus bodies
for the beastheards.

Beasts of Chaos Army list

2 lvl 2 wizards (1 is lord)
2 beastmen herds
screamers of tz. (5)
4 flech hounds.


Beasts of Chaos Army turn 1

He moves most of his units forwards.

Galrauch flies to my left side.

On the magic phase he cast a spell with Galrauch targeting my Cold Ones with my hero. The spell does 2d6 strength d6 +1 hits. He uses 4 dice rolls 3 6S (making it triple IR?!!?!?! lol ) Rolls to see the number of his: 10. Rolls to see the strength: 5
Rolls to wound: 9. I roll armour save: all dead except hero. (has all his wounds) he passes his test.

I lost a whole unit and tried and managed to hold my disappointment and discuss for his rolls and my wiped unit. His shaman attempts a spell against my cham he miscasts and gets a 7 on the table after he read it.. Takes a wound . he says hes got 6 up save. Rolls a 6. I ask for the book and read no AS allowed. He takes a wound.

Lizardmen Army turn 1

Turn my hero to face Galrauch my skinks move back and shout the giant doing 3 wounds (skinks I love you) my sal kill 2,5 of his screamers.
And magic I attempt to cast potent of far it get dispelled he roll to see if I lose the spell I don’t. not like it would ever get past his dispel dice and scrolls.

Beastmen turn 2

Giant charges and herd charge cham skinks ( we had a dispute whether or not could he see them) he could probably just see the corner of the base. I flee roll 1&2 - skinks dead. The giant is out of charge. Screamers fly over my CO but fail to wound.
I scroll Galrauch spell and dipell the shadow spell that gives another movement. He casts 12 I cast 12. ouf. Casts a spell thet makes my sal unit which turn them into horrors. 4 becoume horrors and I kill 2. they stand making my unit unable to fire or move next turn.

Galrauch does a breathing attack kills 2 skinks and 1 CO.

Lizardmen Army turn 2

Reposition my hero and charge his giant. Salamanders shoot his herd kill 4-5 but he stays. Skinks wipe out a unit of hounds. Cold Ones marched-blocked they moved towards the centre.

My spell get dispel scrolled. Lol how lame is that. 3 wizards vs one lvl 1 skink and he uses scroll. Just lol, lol.

Grymlock kills the giant before I do and attacks with my lord and CO.
I charge his chariot I ask him to take a fear test he believes I am wrong I pass him the book. He flees. I redirect my charge to the herd was in the straight line chariot escapes I get into the herd his heard passes his fear test.

11 Skinks take 2 wounds of the dragon.

Salamanders kill the 2 horrors off.

Beasts of Chaos turn 3

The best heard attempt to charge my salamanders but they are scared.
Moves Galrauch, screamers hit my cold ones with no result. He rallies the chariot.
He could have charged my skinks with a hound but he said he preferred to charge with 2 at the same time.

Casts a spell makes my Cold Ones fight each other 1 dies. Cast something else o scroll it and then casts movement spell this time I fail to dispel it. Which puts his dragon into combat.

I issue a challenge with my champion and he accepts with the herds champion. His dragons dice rolls were awfull and manages to kill only one cold one. My champion kills his champion and i win combat by 4. his herd flees but the dragon stays after a rerolled dice in his break test.

Lizardmen turn 3

I reform my unit and issue a challenge to Galrauch to protect my cold ones. My 2 skink units move towards the non fleeing herd and the hounds. My cold ones approach the fleeing hounds on his table edge. Skinks shoot at herds needing 8’s no wounds Salamander does rolls a 10 and a mistcast eating the last skink turning my sal into frenzy. The other skinks destroyed another unit of hounds and as I had hoped the other unit fled of the table. His dragon deals 1 wound to kroq gar and grymlock repays the fayvor with …rolls a d3….1 wound. again he does not break in combat.

Beasts of Chaos turn 4

Chariot passes its terror test but fails fear test to charge. Beast herds rally other beast herd charge my skinks Skinks flee and roll 1&3 - skinks die (I still love you guys).

Casts a spell making Galrauch reroll to his hit and wound rolls but I dispel it with 2 dice. And he fails to cast the spell to move his chariot into combat. Kroq-Gar takes another wound but this time Grymlock attack was well timed and lethal; the giant Carnosaur strikes with all it weight biting the whole neck of the two headed beast its jaws tightened making it impossible for the massive chaotic dragon to respond (3 wounds).

Seconds later the battle was over the enemy was fleeing only to fall upon other lizardmen. Outnumbered and outpaced the desecrators were destroyed and chaos once again was held at bay from the guardians of the world. Krog Gar turned away from the battle and towards his latest kill. Grymlock headed closer to the Dead dragon to feast upon its flesh, but Kroq Gar pulled his reigns sharply.

“NO Grymlock” he said.

“You wont eat this one. “ he continued and Grymlock growled in disappointment and anger but did not dare disobey his master.

This Dragon was not always evil. He though. It should be returned to its owner.
Ancient Kroq Gar had lost 12 carnosaurs in battle before Grymlock, Kroq Gar knew the feeling of losing a Monstrous steed and would never want to lose Grymlock in such a way. As he looked again at the dragon it appeared to lose its twisted looks, the chaotic symbols carved upon its body were disappearing until all that remained was a massive white dragon laying across the Lustrian soil.

Selso approached his master upon his cold one. (Selso is Scar -Vet Hero)
“Find the Skink priest and tell him to contact Lord Tezla (2nd gen Slann), we will want to contact the high elves. Assign a group to guard the body; nothing is to happen to it.”

We looked one last time at the fallen beast and thought: ”You are now at rest”.
He bent towards his mount hugging it with one arm and I whispered “You did well today” and the beast growled. “and I said you can not eat THIS one, there is still that giant one,” Grymlock understood and charged with his master into the battlefield to feed.

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