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Friday, 28 November 2008

Vampire Counts vs Tomb Kings 2250 pts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report summary:-

An interesting combination of Vampire units (edition 6 Vampire Counts Army Book)

source : : Atchman28-11-2008

Tomb Craig called me and wanted to try out his new gaming table. With the exception of the still drying glue it was excellent. I wanted to try out the new variant of the Ghoulbad Ghoul Boyz list I took to the Hoosier Challenge last year. I’m not sure how it would work against another Deadite army, especially with the feared Destroyer of Eternities, as it didn’t roll to hit.

2250 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster - Ghoulbad's Ghoul Boyz

1 Master Necromancer @ 315 Pts
General; Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Undead
1 Dispel Scroll @ [25] PtsI
1 Book of Arkhan @ [25] Pts
1 Cloak of Mist and Shadows @ [45] Pts

1 Blood Dragon Vampire Thrall (Battle Standard Beare @ 155 Pts
Blood Dragon; Hand Weapon; Battle Standard Bearer; Undead
1 Sword of Might @ [20] Pts
1 The Flayed Hauberk @ [30] Pts

1 Necromancer @ 140 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Undead
1 Dispel Scroll @ [25] Pts
1 Black Periapt @ [15] Pts

Blood Dragon Vampire Thrall @ 140 Pts
Blood Dragon; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Cursed Book @ [50] Pts

19 Skeletons @ 205 Pts Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield
19 Skeletons @ 205 Pts Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield
5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

5 Ghouls @ 40 Pts

5 Ghouls @ 40 Pts

5 Ghouls @ 40 Pts

5 Ghouls @ 40 Pts

3 Fell Bats @ 60 Pts

3 Fell Bats @ 60 Pts

2 Spirit Host @ 130 Pts

20 Grave Guard @ 328 Pts, Full Command, War Banner

1 Black Coach

Total Roster Cost: 2248

Tomb Craig was trying a new list without the twin Catapults. It was meant to be a bit friendlier. I think it is a good list, it just needs a little more practice than the other list.

“Dirty Harry”
Tomb King, Destroyer of Eternities, 4+ Ward Save that kills his mates J

Hierophant, Scroll, Hieratic Jar

Liche Priest, Scroll, Skeletal Steed

Prince, Great Weapon and Magic Armor


2 x 3 Chariots

1 x 10 archers

1 x 19 archers, Full Command

5 Light Cavalry

2 Tomb Swarms

Special Choices

19 Tomb Guard, Full Command with Reform banner

3 Ushabti

5 Carrion


Screaming Skull Catapult

The Vampire Counts Left Flank:

I put a unit of wolves and two units of Ghouls to try and screen my left flank. The Black Coach and the Spirit Hosts were there to screen my main blocks. His Chariots shot the Wolves down to three models and I foolishly charged them hoping to hold them up for a turn for my Ghouls. I totally whiffed and the chariots destroyed my flanking Ghoul unit. The other unit of Chariots charged my Ghouls, but they fled. Later they rallied, just in time to get slaughtered by the Chariots.

Eventually the Chariots started to crumble when the Hierophant went down. However, they did manage to help take a block of Skeletons below half.

The Right Flank:

Some Ghouls, some Fell Bats, and a two units of Wolves, made up my right flank. Tomb Craig charged a unit of Wolves with his Fell Bats but bounced. This allowed a unit of Ghouls to countercharge and destroy them. In turn, his swarms charged in killing the Ghouls!

While this was going on I lined up a unit of Dire Wolves and some Fell Bats to go after his Hierophant, which was hiding in a unit of archers. On turn two I was able to charge into his unit. Though it took two rounds of melee the Fell Bats killed the Hierophant only to be crumbled out by the skeleton archers with a good round of melee.

The Middle of the Table

Most of our units were in the middle of the table so that is where all the action “really” occurred. Like a fool, I charged the Black Coach and the Spirit Hosts into the Skeleton archers with the Tomb Prince. All I really needed to charge was the Spirit Hosts since with the BSB, and the ability to heal them, I could have kept them occupied the entire game. I killed four skeletons on the charge, but the “bring them back” banner brought them right back. I couldn’t stop the Scorpion from charging the Black Coach and frankly wasn’t too frightened about it. However, the legendary Tomb Craig dice rolled his usual 3 out of 4 SIXES and poisoned my chariot. With the hit by the Tomb Prince, my Black Coach powdered taking the Spirit Hosts with it. L What a “grave” error! J

Near the lava pit, I moved three Fell Bats to go after the SSC. Tomb Craig, hating to see his precious catapult to fall so easily, reformed the Tomb Guard and charged them! They blew through the Bats despite the Book and the BSB nearby, but failed to overrun into the Black Coach melee. This left him open for a flank charge from the Grave Guard and a unit of Dire Wolves. Over two melee rounds the proud Tomb Guard and Dirty Harry, bit the dust. J

My next stupid move of the game was charging my Blood Dragon Thrall with the –1 Book into the Tomb Scorpion. I thought I could kill him in one go. It wasn’t to be as I only caused two wounds and then died in the next round to more of Tomb Craig great dice as they rolled 5’s and 6’s like crazy! It was totally a needless “re-death”. J
I tried to overcome my stupid moves by charging the Grave Guard into the Tomb Prince’s unit. I knew he had the CR armor, so I really wanted to whack him. However, being a Blood Dragon, I HAD to challenge. I was shocked when he took it up! I managed to kill him outright with three wounds and crumbled all of the Skeletons except one, which crumbled out the next melee phase.

The Necromancer’s Skeletons eventually took out the SSC, while a unit of Ghouls took out the Hierophant’s archers. Seeing some chariots bearing down on the other Skeleton unit he and the Master Necromancer raised the most wimpy amount of zombies I’ve ever seen on no less than FIVE Dice +5….TEN! Needless to say the Chariots blew through them like they were nothing and continued into the flank of a unit of Skeletons that were crumbling like crazy fighting his Ushabti. Oh the insanity! I managed to survive turn six with five of them left.

Regardless, the game ended with a victory for the Vampire Counts with Dirty Harry dead, his little brother the Tomb Prince, and his women the Hierophant. It was still a near thing as all of the VC support units were dead, the Blood Dragon Book Thrall was dead, and one of the major units in the army was under half.

Victory to the Ghoulboyz!


Mistakes were made by both sides during this game. It shocked me that he chose to protect his SSC instead of just holding fast. However, a 41-man Skeleton unit was about to tarpit him forever, and I guess he figured that it would be easier to try and overrun out of its path. I’m really rusty playing this list. Bigrin is going to use it for JimCon 4. It is quite strong, in fact I don’t honestly know how to beat it with many of the armies that I play.

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