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Sunday 2 January 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament VIDEOS

6 Warhammer Fantasy battle videos, with High Elves vs Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Bretonnians, Vampire Counts and Chaos Dwarfs

Warhammer Battlefield photo
I thought it would be nice to track someone's progress through a WFB tournament. Vaul has come up with the goods in a series of excellent Warhammer tournament battle reports (from the Fields of Blood tournament). Vaul took a High Elf army.

As usual Vaul delivers lots of insight into his thinking about his army's strengths and weaknesses, his opponents army and the in game tactics. Great stuff.

credit : Vaul 02-Jan-20116 vids, 10 mins each

High Elves vs Lizardmen

High Elves vs Dark Elves

High Elves vs Dwarfs

High Elves vs Bretonnians

High Elves vs Vampire Counts

High Elves vs Chaos Dwarfs

(note: Chaos Dwarfs are not included in this site's wins and losses league table)
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